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Previous Recipients


Summer 2015

Andrea Lueskow, Parking and Transportation
Andy Garate, Student Support and Equity Programs 
Dr. Hanna Lee, Student Health & Counseling Services

Spring 2015

Daniel Quesada, Parking and Transportation
Maria Angelica Ruiz, SSEP
Ty Ramsower, SH&CS

Winter 2015

Joseph Gallegos, ASI
Elizabeth Hernandez, ARCHES
Kim McAllister, SSEP

Fall Quarter 2014

Gina Aguirre, University Housing Services
Ramona Neri,Student Health & Counseling Services
LaKisha Torrence, Disability Resource Center

2013 - 2014

Spring Quarter 2014

Deborah Campbell, Student Support & Equity Programs
Erin DeRosaOrientation Services
Jason Lu, University Housing Services
Nita VazquezDisability Resource Center

Winter Quarter 2014

Johnny Lai, University Housing Services / Parking & Transportation Services
Marisol Nguyen, Registrar's Office
Sharon Rocacorba, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers
Marcia Starcher, Financial Aid & Scholarship

Fall Quarter 2013

Misty Isa, University Police Department
Carla Jackson, Student Health & Counseling
Chelsea Navarro, University Housing Services
Melissa Terrazas, Children's Center

Summer Quarter 2013

Ivonne Cabezas, ASI
Lauren Corona, Career Center
Gerry Russo, Career Center
Eliane Townsend, ASI

2012 - 2013

Spring Quarter 2013

Gretchen Anderson, Admissions & Outreach
Elke Azpeitia, Veterans Resource Center
Lorena Marquez, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers
Paula Sosta, Disability Resouce Center

Winter Quarter 2013

Alexis Barnagian, Intercollegiate Athletics
Christy Orgeta, University Housing Servises
Denise Rodriguez, Registrar's Office
Vicki Jackson, Associated Students, Inc.

Fall Quarter 2012

Naysia Caldwell, Student Affairs Administration
Karen Fa'alafua, Admissions & Outreach
Don Marrolli, Parking & Transportation Services
Lynn McClelland, Registrar's Office

2011 - 2012

Summer Quarter 2012

Rico Cortez, University PoliceKenny Flores, ASI
Dave Saragueta, University·Police
Darwin Sypinero, Student·Affairs Information & Technology·Services

Spring Quarter 2012

Carolina Sanchez, Registrar's Office
Gabriela Contreras, University Housing Services
Tess Velasco, Student Health Services
Dr. Steve Okiyama, Counseling and Psychological Services

Winter Quarter 2012

David Craig, Career Center
Adeline Yoshioka, Student Affairs Information & Technology Services
Kim Rubalcava, Student Health Services
Laura Dorfman, University Housing Services·/ Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers

Fall Quarter 2011

Dr. John Tsai, Student Health Services
Ivan Alber, Athletics
Mario Rodriguez, University Housing Services
Fernando Diaz,·Student Health Services

2010 - 2011

Summer Quarter 2011

Mayra Lewis, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers
Trinette Briggs, Career Center
Gina Yamashita, Admissions and Outreach
Lorraine Jenkins Jones, Student Support and Equity Programs

Spring Quarter 2011

Angie Mancilla, Office of the AVP for Student Services
Aimee Pickett, University Housing Services
Lee Anne Ma, Enrollment Technology
Sue Wise, Associated Students Inc., Dean of Students Cluster

Winter Quarter 2011

Nancy Hendricks, Registrar's Office
Leticia Lizama, Parking & Transportation Services
Larissa Kupferschmidt, Student Affairs Information & Technology Services
Sonia Campos, Athletics

Fall Quarter 2010

Kathy Chan, Athletics
Patricia Duran, Career Center
Veronica Galarneau, Children's Center
Dr. Genevieve Crean, Counseling & Psychological Services

2009 - 2010

Summer Quarter 2010

Dr. Dao Nguyen, Counseling & Psychological Services
Anna Line, Student Health Services
Gabriella Avila, Student Support and Equity Programs
Chris Laasch,·Student Affairs Information·& Technology Services

Spring Quarter 2010

Dr. Anita Jackson, Counseling & Psychological Services
Gloria Castillo, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers
Veronica Calvary, Disability Resource Center
Candice Tirta, Admissions & Outreach

Winter Quarter 2010

Linda Taylor, Enrollment Services
Eric Emerson, Student Affairs Information Technology
Sharon Wong, Enrollment Technology
Elena Aleman, University Housing Services

Fall Quarter 2009

Chad Bowman, Disability Resource Center
Britt Sumida, Office of Student Life & Cultural Centers
Jackie Natividad, Student Affairs Administration
Cynthia Chatfield, Registrar's Office

2008 - 2009

Summer Quarter 2009

Susana Gonzales, University Housing Services
Liz Volz, Disability Resource Center
Norma Leon, Student Support and Programs
Mohammad Rehman,·Enrollment Technology·

Spring Quarter 2009

La'Keisha Gilford-Beard, African American Student Center
Delia Leon, Registrar's Office
Rebecca Aguiniga Cutler, Student Support & Equity Programs
Cherrie Peters, Career Center

Winter Quarter 2009

Francisco Krivan, SAITS
Leonard Parks, University Housing Services
Bradley Hendrix, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Natascha Rodriguez, Disability Resource Center

Fall Quarter 2008

Matilda Obaseki, Admissions & Outreach
Tess Vaughn, Orientation Services
Won Choi, Student Support & Equity Programs
Janis Thomas, Parking & Transportation Services
Erica Zepeda,Stop Violence Office


Summer Quarter 2008

Patricia Mucino, Dean of Students Office
Tess Vaughn, Orientation Services
Leticia Guzman-Scott, Student Support & Equity Programs
Phyllis Barcenas, Admissions & Outreach

Spring Quarter 2008

Maria Ruiz, Student Support and Equity Programs
Tameka Alexander, Admissions and Outreach
Marla Williams, Dean of Students Office
Jeni Watanabe, Orientation Services

Winter Quarter 2008

Makeda Bostic, University Housing Services
Jorge Bonilla, SAITS
Honora Knopp, University Housing Services
Jenni Adams, Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers

Fall Quarter 2007

Julie Gonzalez, ASI Business Services
Karen Capestro, Career Center
Jih-Fei Cheng, Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers
Judy Tillie, Parking and Transportation Services


Spring Quarter 2007

Eric Birkeland, University Police Department
Fernando Estrada, OSL/Cultural Centers
Janetta McDowell, Office of Student Life/CC

Winter Quarter 2007

David Razo, Enrollment Services
Dolores Luna, Registrar's Office
Sara Pernillo Vargas, Renaissance Scholars

Fall Quarter 2006

Marla Franco, Office of Student Life/Cultural Centers
Mery Hernandez, Student Support and Equity Programs
Debbie Jackley, Student Health Services
Cecelia Santiago, Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education··


Summer Quarter 2006

Ivonne Cabezas, ASI Business Services
Leslie Taylor-Contla, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
Isabel Sam, Registrar's Office

Spring Quarter 2006

Karen Capestro, The Career Center
Alma Pasos, Registrar's Office
Pat Smith, Associated Students Incorporated
Mark Turner, Disability Resource Center

Winter Quarter 2006

Vicky Calderon, Student Support & Equity Programs
Dehlem Compagne, University Police Department
Victoria Ortiz, Admissions and Outreach
Ellen Patterson, Counseling and Psychological Services

Fall Quarter 2005

Melvin Galang, Children’s Center
Dora Lee, Office of Student Life
Vivian Lo, Office of Vice President of Student Affairs
Teresa Quijano, Student Health Center

There were no STARs selected between May and Fall 2005

Monthly Winners

May 2005
Gladys Giron, Student Support & Equity Programs
Corina Benevides, Cesar Chavez Center for Higher Education

April 2005
Peggy Madigan, Enrollment Services
Eric Emerson, Office of the Vice President

March 2005
Donyet King, University Housing
Traci Lew, Orientation Services

February 2005
Donna Holman, Rideshare
David Razo, Enrollment Technology & Resources

January 2005
Paul Helms, Athletics
Tim Raymond, Admissions & Outreach

December 2004
Keri Boling, Disabled Student Services
Judy Peterson, Dean of Students Office

November 2004
Delia Leon, Registrar's Office
Jennifer Schufer, Visitor & Information Centers

October 2004
Donna Kent, Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers
Jane Mathis Lowe, ARCHES

September 2004
Elaine Gray, Career Center
Debbie McFall, Police Department

August 2004
Thavery Lay-Bounpraseuth, University Advising Center
Sherry Bell, Office of Student Life and· Cultural Centers

July 2004
Debbie Jackley, Student Health Services
Kim Rubalcava, Student Health Services

June 2004
Marcia Robinson, Career Center
Rosemary Springer, Financial Aid

May 2004
Catherine Schmitt Whitaker, Disabled Student Services
(previously University Advising Center)
Brandi Strand, Student Services

April 2004
Peggy Campbell, Financial Aid
Betty Kennedy, Housing

March 2004
Pachune Herrod, Admissions and Outreach
Maryann Tolano, Athletics

February 2004
Janetta McDowell, Office of Student Life and Cultural Centers
Crystal Steele, Financial Aid

January 2004
Veronica Ford, Registrar's Office
Rosabelle Linchangco, Registrar's Office

December 2003
Naomi Q. Abesamis, ASI
Kathi Weiss, ARCHES

November 2003
Sharon Mathis-Curd, The Career Center
Ellen Patterson, Counseling and Psychological Services

October 2003
Steve Quintero, Visitor Center
Irene Martinez, Athletic Department

September 2003
Dean Chetkovich, University Housing Services
Sandy Summers, College of Business Admin.
(formerly in Orientation Services)