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Carla Jackson

Fall 2013

I am nominating:  Carla Jackson

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 

Department: Student Health and Counseling

Position: Health Educator


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?

Carla exemplifies the qualities of a student affairs professional. She is passionate about the well-being of students; dedicated to continuous learning and growth for herself, those she works with, peer health educators that she assists to train, and students; and she collaborates to foster holistic and innovative approaches to addressing the preventative and healthcare needs of students to promote retention and graduation.


In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?

Carla touches many aspects of the campus community, oftentimes behind the scenes. She coordinated the NCHA national college health survey in spring 2013 for our campus. She is instrumental in the implementation of the “Meatless Mondays” campaign” this fall. Additionally, she is coordinating the campus implementation for the Find Your Balance campaign, to promote health and well-being for all of our campus community members. Direct service to students includes many individual consults with students and countless workshops/presentations for students and departments on campus.


__X__ Student-Centered Philosophy   

_____ Integrity

__X__ Interconnectedness

_____ Sustainability (New)

_____ Passion

_____ Quality

_____ Richness of Diversity


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1:

Student-centered philosophy

Carla is positive and compassionate in her interactions with others. She shares educational and community resource information with providers as well as students in a non-biased manner that demonstrates quality and integrity interaction. A few examples include:

  • A provider had a student with an intended pregnancy , she gave them all the necessary information and support
  • A provider had a patient with Marijuana withdrawal: she gave information on the sign and symptoms, and also referral places, the patient and his mother were very happy.
  • A provider had a patient that was pregnant but did not have OB care: she was very helpful providing that information to the patient. The patient return at a later date and expressed her appreciation.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2:


Carla demonstrates passion, student-centeredness and a collaborative style with campus, community and other local university colleagues in the development and implementation of the Tri-City MHSA College Student Well-Being grant. She has played a key role and contributed valuable health information and guiding holistic concepts throughout the grant process, going above and beyond on a regular basis.