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Cherrie Peters

Spring Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Cherrie Peters

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 4

Department: Career Center , Career Center

Position: Lead for Administration


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?: I am nominating Cherrie Peters because she exemplifies all the values of Student Affairs. She has a wonderful work ethic and always models the way for other team members to follow. Her roll as Lead has exceeded expectations. Cherrie continues to look for innovative ways to improve the Career Center. Cherrie sets an example for others to follow.

Cherrie has made a difference in the Career Center and helps in creating an ideal of what the Career Center can become.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, a Student-Centered Philosophy:  Cherrie is responsible for the Student Ambassadors in the Career Center. She hires, trains and provides coaching and mentoring to the student workers. She shows great care in working with students. Her office is often the central point for students stopping by the Career Center. Cherrie always stops her work to go to the Career Center Information Desk to assist students with their concerns. She continually tries to improve on the Career Center's services and programs and "how she can make it better for students."


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples,

Integrity:  Cherrie has grown in her position in the Career Center. She strives to respect in every conversation for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers. She wants everyone that comes to the Career Center to have a great experience. She is often the "go to person" in the Career Center if there is something that is not right and she often says, "give me five minutes and I will make it right."


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples,

Interconnectedness: Cherrie has taken on the emergency preparedness plan for the Career Center. She has set up atraining session for CPR/First Aid for the Career Center team. She is working with the campus Emergency Services Coordinator as a Building Marshall during fire and earthquakes.

She takes her role very seriously for the emergency preparedness plan. She works with many other units on campus and continually updates the Career Center on emergency procedures.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples,

Passion: Cherrie is very passionate about working with students. She continues to work with employers to connect them with students on hiring for part-time, full-time, and internship opportunties. Cherrie takes risks, is concerned with the way people should be treated, and the way goals should be pursued.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples,

Quality: Cherrie continues to plan the State budget outlook and has carefully planned out the Career Center's state budget as well as the foundation and trust accounts. Her proficiency with the university budget system is a valuable asset to the Career Center. She provides coaching, training, as well as on-going feedback to the customer service assistant staff member and remains professional during complex situations. She remained cool and calm during the recent earthquake in July 2008. If not for Cherrie stopping me I was trying to send a staff person back into the building before the earthquake had stopped.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Richness of Diversity: Cherrie shows that she is committed to ensuring that all students, faculty, staff, employers, and alumni are treated the same and given excellent customer service. She was part of the planning committee in the Career Center that invited all the cultural centers on campus to come to the Career Center to look at ways that the Career Center could better serve students in the Cultural Centers. She also recently attended a Safe Zone workshop for assisting LGBT students.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?: Cherrie has met with the campus Safety Coordinator gaining information and executing changes to the role of safety coordinator for the Career Center. She continues to update staff with emergency preparedness procedures for the campus. She has completed CERT Training (Community Emergency Response Team) in January 2009 and has been raised to Building Marshall Mini EOC 5. She works directly with the Campus Safety Coordinator to create quarterly meetings for the EOC. She will attend a Public Health Response in April 2009. All of her emergency preparedness workshops have been on Saturdays. Cherrie has served on three Career Center search committees and volunteered for the annual Hot Dog Caper. I believe that all her emergency preparedness training is very valueable to the Cal Poly Pomona community.