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Cynthia Chatfield

Fall 2009


I am nominating: Cynthia Chatfield
Years of Service at Cal Poly: 7
Department: Registrar's Office
Position: Special Programs Lead

Why are you nominating this person? Why do you think he/she deserves the award?: After dealing with several sensitive and highly-confidential crisis cases in our office, Patricia Mucino said, "We have to nominate Cynthia Chatfield as a STAR, because every time we have a complicated issue to resolve, she always goes out of her way to help us."

We nominated Cynthia before, but now her nomination is even stronger, because of all the great work she's been doing as one of the two Veteran's Coordinators on campus.

Please select 3 of the 6 Division of Student Affairs values for which your nominee best exemplifies: Student-Centered Philosophy, Integrity, Interconnectedness

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1: STUDENT CENTERED PHILOSOPHY: Cynthia spends time speaking with the Dean of Students office and with students to make sure she fully understands any given situation. She then presents all the options and scenarios to our office and to the student so that they can find the process that best fits them. She does this at moments when the student is facing great crisis and we have heard from them that they appreciate someone really taking the time to understand their individual situation and help get it resolved.

She also promotes student autonomy while ensuring the correct steps were taken by providing them the student with resources and later following up with our office to make sure the appropriate steps were taken. All the way around, Cyndi exemplifies the Student-Centered philosophy our division strives to meet.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2: INTEGRITY: We can always count on Cynthia for the answer to nearly every question we have had regarding the Registrar's Office and campus policies, and know that she will call us if we can help a student, staff, or faculty in any way.

When encountered with the option of a fast and easy resolution to a problem, Cynthia always prefers to complete all proper paperwork and follow the procedures in the University Catalog. She checks for potential barriers before beginning the paperwork, and works within the boundaries of the university policies to find a resolution that benefits the student as well as the university community.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #3: INTERCONNECTEDNESS:
Cynthia partners with other departments to create efficiency across campus, and uses her network as a resource for students and staff in crisis situations.

She is an important part of our Dean of Students and Registrar's Office partnership, and enhances communications with other departments across campus through her own connections and campus knowledge. Cynthia always provides quality referrals through these connections and makes suggestions on additional points of contact when appropriate.

She also consistently works towards improvement of procedures and communication between the Dean of Students office and the Registrar’s office. For example, when we had a student with a special situation who needed to be withdrawn from the university, she not only worked with our office (Dean of Students) to make the process as efficient as possible, but also took the time to review the process with us afterwards to look for improvements. Taking the time to work with other departments from beginning to end shows how she enhances our interconnectedness on campus.

In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?: In addition to her quality day-to-day "behind the scenes" work helping to resolve crisis issues with our office, Cynthia is one of two persons on campus charged with welcoming veterans to campus. She is one of the enrollment specialists on campus that has learned about serving military personnel, veterans and dependents of veterans.
She helps them with information about benefit certification, priority registration, leave of absence, credit for military training or applying for graduation, Cynthia is there to help each member of our veteran community.

At the Veteran's Workshop last week, we were again impressed with the quality of Cynthia's work and how lucky we are to have her at Cal Poly Pomona.