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Darwin Sypinero

Summer 2012


I am nominating: Darwin Sypinero

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 6

Department: SAITS, Student Health Services

Position: Information Systems Specialist

Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?:

Darwin is deserving of the STAR award for many reasons. He has stepped up to the continual technological challenges that SHS has presented to him, the largest being the transition to electronic medical records (EMR).  In making this transition, the Wellness Center proved to be a unique situation, as there was no component in place in the EMR software to handle the needs of the Wellness Center. Darwin rose to this challenge and was able to think outside of the box to create a module within the EMR that serves the needs of the Wellness Center while still providing the required security and confidentiality that such a system demands. Darwin has exhibited similar technological creativity for other Student Health Services and Wellness Center projects, such as the Freeze Framer stations, the Wellness Center database, the Wellness Center card swipe, online appointments, and self check-in stations.

Please select 3 of the 6 Division of Student Affairs values for which your nominee best exemplifies: Student-Centered Philosophy, Interconnectedness, Quality

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1: Student-Centered philosophy

Evidence of Darwin’s adherence to a student-centered philosophy is apparent on many levels. Firstly, Darwin shows prompt attention to technological issues that might affect a student’s experience at SHS. He puts the students first when prioritizing the seemingly endless list of tasks generated by SHS staff.

Second, Darwin willingly strategizes with SHS Wellness Center staff to create and adapt electronic technology that enhances students’ health and wellbeing. One example of this is the ability of the Peer Health Educators to create chart notes for the students that they educate. These chart notes are critical to the student experience at SHS because they allow for good continuity of care. However, when the EMR system first arrived, there was no technology in place to block chart notes from being seen by a PHE. This created threats to students’ privacy. Darwin was able to create a program within the PNC system that blocks students’ chart notes from the PHEs but allows the PHEs to get vital information into a student’s chart note, thus enhancing patient care. Third, Dawin smilingly assists student workers at SHS with their technological issues and treats them with the same level of respect that he would any staff member of SHS.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2: Interconnectedness

Darwin epitomizes interconnectedness as outlined in the Division’s core values. He is able to make the

technological goals of SHS and The Wellness Center his own as he collaborates to create technology that maximizes communication for students and other departments. While doing this, he exhibits respect for staff and student needs, including ease of use, privacy and confidentiality, and innovation.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #3: Quality

Turning out high-quality technology is a difficult but worthy goal, and Darwin rises to this challenge. This is most evident when one considers the constantly changing nature of technology. Often in his field, technology changes or improves just as a project is completed. This requires extra work to bring that technology up to date. Darwin stays on top of the latest technological changes and works to make sure that SHS and The Wellness Center have the most recent versions of key informational systems.

In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?: Darwin’s “can do” attitude and willingness to think outside the box is a true asset to the Cal Poly Pomona community. Because they work behind the scenes, it is easy to overlook individual contributions of IT employees to a department or institution. Darwin’s work, especially with the Electronic Medical Records, over the past 3 years, has greatly enhanced the experience of students and staff who use and work for the Cal Poly Pomona Student Health Services. Most recently, his investigation and completion of the module in EMR that enables online appointment booking will save time for the student and the health service. He is currently working on the digital x-ray project, a complex task that will further upgrade the service the health center will be able to provide to students.