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Delia Leon

Spring Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Delia Leon

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 37

Department: Registrar's Office

Position: SSP III (Lead Evaluator)


Why are you nominating this person: Delia has been instrumental to the successful transformation of the graduation check process to one that utilizes the Degree Progress Reports.  Delia reviews hundreds of Degree Progress Reports to ensure that the system that generates these reports is programmed accurately.  Working with each of her team members—the evaluators—Delia always searches for ways to enhance the effectiveness of this electronic tool for advising. Due to her efforts, the Degree Progress Report has become a strong and reliable advisement tool.


Student-Centered Philosophy: Delia exemplifies the Student-Centeredness and Quality philosophies.  How?  It is always easier to say “no” to re-processing hundreds of transfer credits and academic petitions when how they have been processed does not prevent a student’s graduation. However, Delia knows that it is important that students receive the best academic advice, whether online or in person.  To this end, Delia willingly takes on the additional task of reprocessing records despite her already very full plate of things to do.  What is even more remarkable is that she does so swiftly and with a proud smile on her face.


Integrity: Delia is trustworthy and she can be counted on to get things done.  She does not take short cuts in what she does; her work is very thorough and very timely.  When she says that she will work on something, there is no doubt that it will get done--and done well.


Interconnectedness: As a unit lead, Delia is remarkable role model.  Using her profound understanding of what each team member requires to actively and willingly participate in this change process, Delia has gently but firmly trained her team members on the new graduation check process. With her dedication, persistence and belief in doing what is best for the students and the University, Delia, despite all odds, has completely motivated even the reluctant ones to embrace change.


Passion: If you’ve been on the job for 35+ years, it is easy to be complacent and lose interest in learning new ways of doing things, especially when these new ways are challenging--but not for Delia.  Her passion for her job fuels her enthusiasm.  Delia has shown that by adopting best practices and new technology it is possible to reach new heights in your position even after 35+ years.  Delia believes that each new task is an opportunity to do better.  What is remarkable about this is that she finds the time to improve her skills while accomplishing the multitude of tasks she has to accomplish each day.  Indeed, Delia has hundreds of records to review daily.  For example, after attending a day workshop on Microsoft 2007, Delia will be sure to use her newly acquired skills the next day—at the latest!  Certainly, the average office worker does not do that.  In fact, Delia has recently taken on the penchant for creating graphics-based training materials for her team members and most recently for academic chairs and advisors as well.


Quality: Delia strives for excellence in all that she does.  Even better, acting as a role model to the 10 evaluators she leads, she always demonstrates that to be thorough and timely at work is always yields positive results.


Richness of Diversity: Delia believes in being inclusive.  For example, she makes it a point that the evaluators she leads are each given the opportunity to participate in troubleshooting or brainstorming activities in the Registrar's Office.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community: As has been mentioned earlier, Delia has a key contributor to the department’s efforts to strengthening Cal Poly Pomona’s degree audit system and in leading the change process of the graduation check.  These two initiatives support the University’s Facilitating Graduation Initiative.  Hence, by supporting the Registrar’s Office in reaching its goal, Delia has effectively also supported the University’s goal.