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Francisco Krivan

Winter Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Francisco Krivan

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 2+

Department: SAITS

Position: Equipment Systems Specialist


Why are you nominating this person:  Regardless of where you work in Student Affairs, you have almost certainly had the pleasure of working with our nominee to be a Divisional STAR.  As we all know, there are few if any services or tasks that get done without the use of the PC on your desk.  Whether you are posting scores in Athletics, entering medical notes in Student Health Services, reviewing a loan application in Financial Aid or a making a program announcement in the Pride Center, the chances are pretty good that the PC you are using to do your work came to you by way of Francisco Krivan. 


Our STAR nominee joined Cal Poly Pomona and the SAITS team in April 2006.  At first he was serving in a temporary role as an Equipment Systems Specialist, but from the start we recognized two key traits in Francisco; the first being a great customer service style and second being rock solid performance to get tasks done on time.  In May 2007 we were very fortunate to have an opportunity to offer him full-time permanent position.


In two years Francisco has handled more than 1,730 technical support requests.  The departments he frequents the most are Admissions and Outreach, the Career Center, Disability Resource Center, the Registrar’s Office and Student Support and Equity Programs, but he also has responded to support tickets for every department and unit in the division. 


Even if he has not handled a technical problem for you directly, he most certainly played a role in getting the PC on your desk.  Since 2007, Francisco has coordinated all of our PC deployments.  This responsibility involves tracking hundreds of units moving through our inventory from imaging, to deployment and retirement of old equipment.  During this past summer’s SAN implementation Francisco was a key player personally moving dozens of users to the SAN.  All of this work is above and beyond the ongoing technical requests previously noted.


Francisco models many of the divisional values.  First and foremost he has a student centered philosophy that shows on a daily basis in his openness and accessibility.  Our students truly enjoy working with him because of his friendly style of guidance and leadership.  Francisco also models integrity in the way he goes about his work.  He treats everyone he encounters, and any and all tasks assigned to him, with the same amount of respect and care.  Whether an Associate Vice President, Director, staff or student needs help, Francisco has a way of interaction that makes people feel more comfortable with technology and validated.  If you ask around you would find that Francisco Krivan is already a star to the people he supports, this nomination is just a little late in recognizing this fact!


Student-Centered Philosophy: Francisco works closely with the student assistants on a daily basis.  From my observations, his interactions with students display both openness and accessibility.  He watches out for their on-the-job needs and demonstrates to them his ability to keep a positive attitude at all times.


Integrity: Francisco’s integrity is the core to his success in SAITS.  He truly treats everyone he encounters with respect.  He works hard at any task assigned to him, not for the recognition, but because it is the right thing to do.


Interconnectedness: Because of his demonstrated openness and respect for others, Francisco is able to build relationships throughout the division.

You can see this as he walks through any department.  Individuals do not hesitate to stop him to ask him questions or for assistance.  Many people have shared their appreciation of Francisco stating that he will patiently stop and answer even those “dumb” questions they have.  Francisco treats any question as an opportunity for him to help.


Passion: Every interaction with Francisco demonstrates his passion.  He always portrays a positive attitude when assisting others, which helps to calm the frustrations of others and usually leaves everyone with a little smile of their own.  When others might hesitate to let students perform some tasks, Francisco encourages them to take on the challenge and is there to help if needed.  He truly embodies the motto of “Service with a Smile”


Quality: The quality of Francisco’s work was recently demonstrated with the annual PC replacement project.  Francisco was assigned the coordination of tasks for this project.  His work was both efficient and effective.  He intuitively is able to attend to the necessary details, guide the students who were assisting, and keep the appropriate people informed.


Richness of Diversity: One of Francisco’s skills, often taken for granted because he makes it look easy, is his ability to work with a just about anyone.  Whether a Associate Vice President, Director, Staff or student, he senses what makes each of us unique and can modify each interaction to make that individual feel comfortable, and validated.  This is what makes working with Francisco such a positive experience.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?  The technical work that Francisco performs help support the foundational technology tools used by every department in Division of Student Affairs.  What sets him apart is the divisional values that he demonstrates in completing his work as his interactions with any member of the campus community is always of the highest quality, performed with passion as well as compassion, and serves as model that students and staff appreciate.