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Dr. Genevieve Crean

Fall 2010


I am nominating: Dr. Genevieve Crean
Years of Service at Cal Poly: 12
Department: Counseling and Psychological Services, CAPS
Position: Therapist and Outreach Coordinator

Why are you nominating this person? Why do you think he/she deserves the award?: Dr. Crean is an excellent therapist who cares for distressed and hurting students. Dr. Crean is also a highly valued member of the CAPS team who makes a positive impact with her quiet grace and ready smile. She deftly coordinates all of CAPS outreach activities, matching each counselor's expertise to the different requests submitted, and taking care to "spread the wealth" of requests throughout the team.

Please select 3 of the 6 Division of Student Affairs values for which your nominee best exemplifies: Student-Centered Philosophy, Interconnectedness, Passion

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1: Dr. Crean's student-centered philosophy was most evident while serving as Coordinator of Campus Relations for CAPS. Genevieve made all student clubs and organizations her target and began systematically working her way through the list of hundreds, inviting herself to their next gathering or club meeting just to introduce herself and tell them how CAPS could support their members. Often it would take multiple attempts by phone, email and in-person to make a single visit with a student group happen, but Dr. Crean was persistent, wanting every student to hear about our services.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2: Similar to her approach with student groups, Dr. Crean has made efforts to connect with faculty and staff in departments and colleges across the campus. Recognizing the importance of professors knowing about CAPS and being ready to make a referral when approached by a struggling student, Genevieve maintains an email list of all the faculty she and other counselors have connected with over the years, and uses it to remind them about our services and new group and course offerings every quarter.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #3: Dr. Crean's passion for students' well-being is especially seen in her work with some of our most shy, socially challenged students. Her Social Confidence Group has been the most popular and well-attended group for three years running, and she is always willing to add another section whenever more students are in need.

In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?: Students and staff alike express their appreciation for Dr. Crean. Fellow counselors remark "She is a joy to work with... Genevieve's smile and good humor makes our daily challenges a bit easier to bear." Students comment "Dr. Crean helped me find hope in the midst of loss... she helped me gain the confidence I needed to speak up in class and do well on group projects."