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Gerard (Gerry) Russo

Summer 2013

I am nominating:  Gerard (Gerry) Russo

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 3

Department:  Career Center

Position:  On Campus Recruiting Coordinator


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?

Gerry has been the recruiting coordinator here in our center for over 2 years.  In that time frame he has consistently addressed aspects of recruiting which include daily interactions with employers, staff, faculty and students.  His dedication to assist others provides a winning attitude within the office.  There have been numerous emails from employers and students who consistently describe Gerry’s assistance as ‘above and beyond’ what they expected.  He is a valuable asset in the career center.  Gerry is also a dedicated team member and often brings forth ideas for completing tasks more effectively.  He is willing to assist with events and other services in the office when it is needed.  Gerry is a positive role model to students and although much of his time is spent assisting employers he makes time to assist all students who have questions regarding employer interviews, information sessions and public relation tables.   


In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?

Gerry is an alumni and with the knowledge from attending Cal Poly Pomona he is able to assist not only employers but students as well.  He understands the “learn by doing” philosophy and provides guidance to students seeking career opportunities on and off campus.  He has contributed many ideas and suggestions to the career center which expedites services to students as well as employers.  He consistently engages campus staff in team activities while at the same time is professional and enhances the career center mission and goals. 


_____ Student-Centered Philosophy   

_____ Integrity

__X__ Interconnectedness

_____ Sustainability (New)

__X__ Passion

_____ Quality

_____ Richness of Diversity


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1:

Passion-Gerry is very dedicated to the campus community by providing passion to all aspects of his job.  He jumps in to help students with questions that arise and explains the on campus recruiting process effectively which is developmental.  Gerry has increased student and alumni attendance at the information sessions and interviews since his arrival on campus.  His creative spirit and passion has been proven effective by the sheer numbers in attendance raising them from 21% his first quarter to nearly 50% the next two years.  In raising the bar for himself by taking marketing risks he has provided a positive attitude and a great sense of humor.  Gerry has challenged himself to be more active with the Federal Work Force Recruitment process.  He has attended all on-line meetings and provided the DRC with pertinent information so students can apply to jobs.  In addition, he has taken steps to ensure interview rooms are equipped for the students who may need assistive technology for their interviews.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2:

Interconnectedness-Gerry has developed and promoted not only students and alumni but employer representatives as well.  He makes time to meet with students who question the interview procedures and has shared important information with the students by educating them on the processes.  Gerry has supported the students in many areas on campus including the College of Business. He has worked with a host of faculty members and student club/organizations and specifically those from the accounting department.   These clubs have requested rooms for hosting Mock Interviews and Gerry has made accommodations for the student requests as well as continued dialogue with the clubs/organizations.