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Ivonne Cabezas

Summer 2013

I am nominating:  Ivonne Cabezas

Years of Service at Cal Poly:  13 years

Department: ASI Business Services

Position: Accounting Analyst


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?

Ivonne has a solid work ethic, is dependable and takes initiative.   No matter what special project comes up or what deadline is changed, she will be there by my side, assisting me in whatever is necessary to meet the deadline with accurate data and a neat and organized report.  She will rearrange work as projects come up and complete it with a positive attitude.  In addition to special projects, she delivers quality work daily and manages a heavy work load on a tight time schedule with minimal supervision.  She also supervises student staff and is a great example for them.  I have high expectations of my employees and she exceeds my expectations daily.  This office would not be as successful without her presence.  I am truly honored to work with her. 


In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?

I call Ivonne the “Budget Expert”.  Year after year, she reviews hundreds of club and group budgets.  She gives them feedback on necessary changes, lets them know about alternative funding sources and walks them through the process.  Sometimes this involves answering the same question over and over.  She will also make suggestions to the training Business Services does if she hears the same question repeatedly.  She is the staff support for the Instructionally Related Activities Fund.  This role extends well beyond ASI and involves plenty of number crunching.  I am so excited to have her on this project this year.


__X__ Student-Centered Philosophy   

__X__ Integrity

_____ Interconnectedness

_____ Sustainability (New)

_____ Passion

_____ Quality

_____ Richness of Diversity


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1:

Student-Center Philosophy - Daily she is involved with the supervising of 4 students.  She helps them to balance their schedule with the Business Service Office Window schedule.  She sets a great example for them with her time management and work ethic.  She definitely leads by example.  In addition, she assists them in professional communication and excellent customer service.  The majority of our customers are students so she is constantly assisting students with Budgets and other forms.  She lets them know the deadlines, the process, communicates the issues in the budget submissions, how to correct them, etc.  She is constantly educating students.  Graduates come back to visit her often and they tell our current student employees that she is the best supervisor and ASI is a great place to work. 



Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2:

Integrity is amongst the greatest qualities I look for in an employee.  People either have it or they don’t.  Ivonne has it.  She is one of the most trustworthy and ethical people I know.  She has demonstrated this quality by following through with what she says she will do.  She is a great example for the students and other employees.   She treats everyone fairly.  She does not like to take credit for a project (even when I think she should take credit).  There are days when I actually say, “Just take that compliment!”  If you don’t want it today, you can save it for a bad day.  We are probably going to have one.  Pull it out and remember the good times. (A little something I learned at the TLG retreat.) J It is because her expectations for herself are so high that she doesn’t recognize herself as stellar, but she is. I’m so lucky to work with her.


Submitted by:  Terri Bell