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Janis Thomas

Fall Quarter 2008

I am nominating: Janis Thomas

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 15

Department: Parking & Transportation Services

Position: Admin. Support Assistant I


Why are you nominating this person: Janis has been a valuable member of the PTS Team for 15 years.  As the senior staff person in the Parking/Information Booth  she is many times the first point of contact for visitors and guests to the campus.  Her smile and warm friendly attitude is contagious.  One of her great accomplishments is taking lost and frustrated visitors and get them to where they want to go with no fear of receiving a parking citation.


Student-Centered Philosophy: Janis has daily interaction with the PTS Community Service Officers who cover the booth during her lunches and breaks.  Janis serves as a great role model and mentor for students.  Various skills that she teaches at the booth are customer service, communication and listening.


Integrity: Janis performs her duties with the highest level of integrity.  Her duties involve accuracy and patience as she is accountable for thousands of dollars each year.  She is a very trusted employee who makes sound decisions quickly and accurately.


Interconnectedness: As a point of contact for guests and visitors to the campus, Janis must have a strong comprehension of the campus, buildings, parking availability, current events on campus and literally must be "connected" to all phases of the campus.  Janis has taken the initiative over the years to familiarize herself with all academic,  administrative and student affairs departments and units.  This has allowed her to get visitors to the right place in a timely manner and enjoy their visit to Cal Poly Pomona.


Passion: Janis has a passion for assisting visitors to the campus.  She excels in effective public relations and recognizes the needs of her customers.  She makes the customer feel welcome and provides clear and precise directions and information.


Quality: Janis handles a very large volume of traffic at the Information Booth on a daily basis.  She not only keeps up with the demand, but maintains the highest quality of service to all visitors.  She treats them with courtesy and respect and makes new friends daily.


Richness of Diversity: Janis provides all guests and visitors to campus with the same level of passion and service commitment.  She is a strong advocate for fairness and respect.  She is supportive of various campus events that celebrate and highlight our differences.


Please state any additional information that you would like to provide:

Janis is an outstanding employee who is skilled in all aspects of her job.  She continually displays a high level of competence and loyalty and is much deserving of a STAR.