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Leonard Parks

Winter Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Leonard Parks

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 1

Department: University Housing Services

Position: Building Service Engineer


Why are you nominating this person:  Leonard joined UHS in February of 2007 after leaving Southern California Gas Company.  His knowledge base was solid, but we were hesitant if he would be able to transition to a university and a housing setting as the environment is so different than that of So Cal Gas.  We were quickly surprised and delighted to see Leonard embrace the culture of CPP as he has become a true Bronco!  Leonard has become a valuable member of the housing team and is respected not only his peers in hosing but his skills are also recognized by Facilities Planning and Management staff.  Leonard has a unique talent of displaying his passion for his job and the residents by his genuineness and commitment to the department.


Student-Centered Philosophy:  Although Leonard’s responsibilities are focused on building equipment it does not take away from his strong sense of being student centered.  He is quick to recognize and repair items, which generally are large issues such as heating, cooling, and operational needs of Los Olivios, in order to keep his residents comfortable, and ideally they don’t realize anything was ever wrong!  He is very conscious of the academic schedule and plans his jobs around classes and breaks whenever possible. He never complains about responding to emergency calls and coming back to campus, always with a smile, even at 3:00 a.m.


Integrity: Leonard possesses a high level of integrity.  He consistently looks for the best possible solution, even when a short cut is possible or presents itself.  This past summer during a extensive bathroom project, he was asked to weigh in on an electrical issue the contractor was having.

Leonard was able to explain why the contractor would present one solution, and why he felt his idea was a better fit for UHS.  Needless to say, we went with Leonard’s suggestion.


Interconnectedness: It is virtually impossible to work in UHS and be in a silo.  All of the areas touch each other every day in every way.  Leonard has been diligent in getting to know the member of the Business Services unit and the Residence Life Team, so much so that these staff members seek him out as a resource.  He is an excellent communicator and let’s everyone know how his jobs affect their areas. He has become a great member of the team.


Passion:  It is sometimes hard for the UHS staff outside of the facilities area to understand why Leonard becomes so passionate about replacing a chiller or a cooler, yet combined with his knowledge of how housing works, and the services we provide to the residents, he often is able to rally those outside of facilities to advocate for his cause.  On more than one occasion he has come into his supervisor’s or the Director’s office advocating for a new piece of equipment or project to be a priority.


Quality:  Quality is #1 with Leonard. He always finishes what he started and is diligent in his work.  He has a strong sense of commitment to Housing and the University and it shows through his work and his attitude.


Richness of Diversity:  Leonard was a member of the University Housing Services’ Diversity and Multicultural Committee during the last academic year.  He made significant contributions to the committee and was an active participant in presenting a variety of topics to the department.

He connected with several of the cultural centers to get more information on his assignments, and he really enjoyed the experience.  In turn, the department appreciated his insights and perspectives on what he presented.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?  Leonard Parks is a hard working, dedicated, knowledgeable member of the University Housing Team.  He is often first to lend a hand, not afraid to ask questions, and is constantly working to improve what we do and how we do it.  It is a privileged to have him work with us.  He truly is a STAR.  Leonard is proactive in fixing the never ending needs and demands of the residence halls and Los Olivos, as well as quickly responding to emergency and after hour’s calls.  He has quickly acclimated to the campus culture and has a high regard for the residents and their needs.  By doing his job, he creates a safe and welcoming community for our students.