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Lorena Marquez

Spring 2013

I am nominating: Lorena Marquez

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 7

Department: Student Life & Cultural Centers (OSLCC)

Position: Coordinator-Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education Nominee


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?

Lorena Marquez has such a special connection to all she meets, but the connections she has with the students is so amazing!  Lorena embodies all the Division of Student Affairs’ values. Her manner and work ethic are above reproach and she has that same expectation of the student staff at the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education.  When she worked in the Athletics department she knew each student-athlete by name and sport.  She attended every athletic event. When she moved over to the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education she continued to keep those student athlete connections and make new ones by introducing them to the Chavez Center. The same connection with students that Lorena had while working in Athletics, she has carried over to her role as the Coordinator for the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education.    Known for her well-versed social media skills, this Instagram message is offered (or perhaps as atweet): “@lorena thank you for all you do! #dreamer #achiever #go-getter #mindbodysoul #friend-to-all #awesome #<3”


In what way(s) does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?

One thing that really stands out about Lorena is when CPP made the Women's Basketball NCAA Regional Championships...Being seeded #1 we had 3 days to prepare for the home court event, notify the campus, prepare the gym and hope our fans showed up on short notice...for a game on a Wednesday!! We knew we were asking a lot of our campus but Lorena, she came through AGAIN...She took a cart and drove around campus with a bullhorn announcing the game information.  No need to say that our stands were filled with fans, staff and faculty. The team we played brought bus loads from Arizona.  Well they should have saved the money and stayed home because we won the game and made it to the NCAA Elite 8.  I truly believe it was her extra effort that packed those stands.  I love Lorena’s spirit and her support of our Athletic teams.  Despite the fact that she doesn’t work for Athletics, she attends game, gets other staff to go with her, and she shows support for the players off the field.  Her enthusiasm for Cal Poly Pomona is inspiring and infectious.  Lorena Marquez is a recognized leader and mentor on campus.  Since assuming the leadership of the Chavez Center, Lorena has expanded the

collaboration between the Chavez Center and EWS, playing a vital role in the Annual Day of the Dead celebration as well as serving on the organizing committee of the Hugh O. LaBounty grant which provided two years of programming for the campus community around the issues of community engagement and gender politics.   Lorena embraces the philosophical and pedagogical principles of EWS — the empowerment of students through knowledge and the development of skills to shape and positively contribute to a society that is truly democratic, just and humane.   She works tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Lorena is the first person to volunteer when a department or organization is reaching out to encourage Latino and Latina students to “Go to College.”  She is the person that volunteered to do the outreach fair for my CGU student that teaches high school, with a CPP sorority. Whenever President Ortiz calls upon Lorena to represent him and CPP at a conference, she does so without fail.  She loves to get students excited about their future and about the chance to attend Cal Poly Pomona in particular!  We know we can always count on Lorena in crunch time.  Lorena truly is a humble star amongst a sky of shining stars in Student Affairs.


Please select 2 of the 6 Division of Student Affairs values for which your nominee best exemplifies: Student-Centered Philosophy, Passion


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #1:

One of our division’s values is to be student-centered. I can’t think of anyone who could better exemplify this than Lorena.  She will always go the extra mile to assist a student or student group in helping them to grow in their leadership and stand true to themselves.  Lorena always puts the students first and she knows that's what Student Affairs is all about.  Lorena wants every Cal Poly Pomona program to succeed and she's always there to lend a helping hand with big projects and events, even if it doesn't involve the Chavez Center directly. Need someone to truly care about students?  Lorena is your woman!


Please share how your nominee exemplifies value #2:

Lorena sleeps, eats and dreams “passion.”  Lorena is extremely passionate and student-centered.  She works hard to create a culture of accountability and support for her students.  Lorena truly lives with deep passion in her life, with her work, and in her work with students.  She is a natural fit as coordinator of the Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education.  Her passion and enthusiasm for her work and students are apparent in everything she does, from the overwhelming success of the 2012 Dia de los Muertos to the meticulously planned Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education conference that hosts over 200 students from the school districts of Pomona, Los Angeles & LA chartered schools.  She is a very positive person and her positive aura is contagious to others.  She puts not 110%, but 210% in all that she does, especially with marketing. Lorena is doing a fantastic job in connecting with social media to bring OSLCC greater visibility.  She is a super star!