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Matilda Obaseki

Fall Quarter 2008

I am nominating: Matilda Obaseki

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 1

Department: Office of Admissions & Outreach

Position: Admissions Counselor


Why are you nominating this person: Matilda works under my supervision. It is my opinion that she is a deserving student professional, worthy of such recognition that the STAR Award provides.


Student-Centered Philosophy: Since her first day in April 2007, Tilly has embodied the student centered philosophy that Cal Poly Pomona actively promotes. She has a full schedule of outreach activities but still finds time to meet with walk-in prospective students and their families. She is courteous and knowledgeable regarding the many cultures that our student body encompasses. She has personally escorted students to other offices on campus for a seamless hand-off to the next staff member.


Integrity: She is forthright with applicants and their family members regarding admissions requirements. This can be a delicate situation for students, more so for parents, and one that requires tact and honesty.  Tilly is very diplomatic and discreet and provides alternative strategies or recommendations for applicants that do not meet Cal Poly Pomona's high standards.


Interconnectedness: Tilly works within the International unit within the Office of Admissions and Outreach. She was once an international student in the U.S. She is very culturally connected to students and exhibits empathy in terms of their situations and a reassuring presence during advising sessions.


Passion: She exhibits an enthusiasm each day, no matter the task, and goes the extra mile to help coworkers and students alike. Recent outreach initiatives have increased task levels. Tilly perseveres with the aforementioned enthusiasm that exemplifies a passion for her work in Admissions.


Quality: Tilly is very organized and keeps abreast of the fluid environment of education within California and the global environment.  Quality in admissions necessitates attention to detail in terms of analyzing transcripts, test scores and supporting documentation. Within this  broad array of areas such as residency or immigration, she is very adept and completes assignments prior to deadlines.


Richness of Diversity: Tilly is originally from South Africa. As mentioned previously, she was once an international student herself. This has carried over in her personable approach to meeting students and families from around the world. As a parent of two, she is very involved in her daughter and son's education within the diverse school system of Orange County.


Please state any additional information that you would like to provide: A team-player and one of our up and coming professional staff.