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Mohammad Rehman

Summer Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Mohammad Rehman

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 9

Department: Enrollment Technology
Position: Lead Analyst Programmer


Why are you nominating this person?  Why do you think he/she deserves the award?:

Mohammad is a quiet, behind-the-scenes person whose actions shape lives of thousands within the University Community every day. His expertise and efforts facilitate the work of direct service providers so that they can serve students with greater ease and efficiency. Likewise, Mohammad's work with data and analysis enables decision makers at the highest levels of the University, to make informed decisions during these challenging times.


Mohammad is innovative and is always exploring new technologies that could enhance service delivery. He is very supportive of his colleagues and always has time for them and the clientele we serve. He is very genuine and someone of whom it is a privilege to work with.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, a Student-Centered Philosophy:

Mohammad is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona and a former student assistant. He has never forgotten the importance the student's experience. When looking at issues or opportunities to leverage technology to improve service, he always thinking of how this impacts students as his primary consideration. He is constantly looking for ways to facilitate the efforts of those that provide direct students or, that empower the student to better help themselves.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Integrity:

Mohammad is a man who lives by his beliefs and convictions. He knows how to take a stand on what he believes and yet remains respectful of the perspectives and beliefs of others. Many times while framing issues and developing solutions, we can engage in spirited discussion, knowing disagreements aren't personal. I always know that Mohammad will tell me what I need to know, not what he thinks I might to hear.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples,Interconnectedness:

Interconnectedness is at the core of Mohammad's approach. Many of the systems that we work with are optimized through the input of the functional user. Mohammad knows that in order to provide effective end products, he has to work closely with the departments we serve. In this way, make sure he understands their needs and learns from their expertise so that the solutions and end products he provides are effective.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Passion:

For Mohammad, his work as a Lead Analyst Programmer is not merely a job, it is contributes to defining who he is. He spends significant amounts of his own personal time directly working on issues and projects, as well as researching new and existing technologies. Mohammad is always looking for ways to better ways to serve the University Community.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Quality:

Mohammad takes great pride in his work. He attention to accuracy and detail are model for others. One example of this can be scene when he handles requests for data. Many of the queries he develops are extremely complex. Despite his extensive knowledge of data sources such as PeopleSoft, he always works closely with functional staff to verify the accuracy.


Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Richness of Diversity:

Mohammad adds to the richness of Diversity in many ways. He brings with him the experiences of some who came to US from another country and culture. He maintains the ability to remain to true to his culture and beliefs of origin while adapting to ours almost seamlessly.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community?:

Mohammad brings with him the ethic of a professional who is dedicated to facing challenges and providing successful solutions.

He does it quietly and efficiently in ways that have earned the confidence of his peers and clients, many times over. Mohammad understands that respect, both personal and professional, is one of the hardest things to earn and yet, is among the easiest to lose. He continues to be a leading "go-to-guy" for many members of the campus community and his to commitment to high standards is a great example for all of us.