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Rebecca Aguiniga Cutler

Spring Quarter 2009

I am nominating: Rebecca Aguiniga Cutler

Years of Service at Cal Poly: 22

Department: Student Support and Equity Programs

Position: Academic Advisor


Why are you nominating this person: Becky represents the highest consistency in passion and dedication to students and their success, particularly for students who may not be expected to make it through the challenges. She's been an Academic Advisor for longer than many of us have been at CPP and she does it with enthusiasm and thoroughness.


Student-Centered Philosophy: Nothing gets by Becky when it comes to her students! She is very passionate about helping each and every one of them succeed, so she spends a lot of time with them. She encourages them. She scolds them when necessary! :o) She really helps them see what they need to do in order to succeed. If Becky wasn't student-centered, she probably would not be doing this job for such a long time, and with the same passion through the years.


Integrity: Becky is true to her commitments. She advocates for students, and for services that will meet their needs. She is willing to have the 'tough' discussions in order to bring up important points about what she believes in. I think Becky, and all our staff, have integrity.


Interconnectedness: Becky is the Liaison the the College of Engineering and she coordinates the Major Career Exploration workshops which are presented in collaboration with the Career Center. She forms very strong and productive relationships with her contacts, leading to good information and good programs. She seems to have ease in working with others outside of our department, and she strongly values having relationships outside our area. She is always eager to volunteer to present workshops through BroncoFusion, Advising Month, Poly Palooza, and other university programs.


Passion: I addressed passion in the section of student-centeredness. But again, if Becky wasn't passionate about what she does, she wouldn't be doing it for over 20 years. Also, she puts a lot of thought and effort into everything she is involved with, whether advising students, planning workshops, planning programs, connecting with people outside our department. She takes everything with responsibility and enthusiasm. Through all these years, she doesn't seem one bit jaded in terms of passion.


Quality: In what I am able to oberve, Becky plans ahead of time and puts a lot of thought and effort into her work. She likes things to be done right, therefore, she makes sure to take good time to do things. Her advising is very thorough, her projects are very organized, her relationships are very strong. I think she delivers quality to it's best.

Please share how your nominee exemplifies, with specific examples, Richness of Diversity: Becky very much appreciates and advocates for appreciation of diversity. In her role as an advisor she needs to work with very diverse students, from ethnicity, to socio-econimic status, to learning abilities, etc. etc. She must be sensitive to diversity in order to be able to assist students as best as possible. She embraces diversity in all aspects of her work, with students, our staff, and everyone on campus. Her role limits her to get involved with many areas outside of our department, yet, she supports events and programs on campus that promote diversity as much as she is able to.


In what ways does this person enhance or contribute to the Cal Poly Pomona campus community: Becky always stays in her office after 5 p.m. Often not leaving until 6 or past 6 p.m. I know she spends part of that time documenting, responding to students emails, to staff emails, and doing other work (agendas for workshops handouts, etc.). I know this because I get updates from her through email that come in the evening. This is part of why I think she is thorough and focused on quality. She dedicates her office 'open' hours to students, and other projects, and catches up during the quiet times of the evening when the doors are closed. I think Becky is a STAR of our Division. She contributes to all our students, to the Division, and to the University by being who she is and doing what she does. All in all, Becky has a strong commitment to Cal Poly Pomona as an institution. She believes in what we do and highly values it. And her son comes here, and her daughter might transfer here soon from Mt. Sac.