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Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism Quiz

This quiz is adapted from Pennsylvania State University's "Teaching and Learning With Technology Center." More information is available at its website:

Mark each statement as true or false. 

  1. Using something I find on the Internet/Web for a class assignment is always okay.
  2. Plagiarism is using the ideas and words of someone else as my own work without citing the original work.
  3. I have a class this quarter that is similar to a class I had at Mt. SAC last year. It's not plagiarism if I submit the paper I wrote for that class for my class this year.
  4. Taking small bits of information from the Internet/Web and using it as my own work or to complete an assignment is plagiarism.
  5. I can quote passages from papers I find on the Internet/Web for my class assignments if I properly document where I found the information.
  6. If I download something from the Internet/Web and change a few words and phrases, I can use that information for class assignments without having to cite it.
  7. I've done about 90% of my computer programming assignment, but simply can't get the data from Table 14 to display on page 17 like it's supposed to. My friend's program works, and so I get just the part of the program required to move the data over from them. This isn't plagiarism, because it's just a basic part of the program, which was covered the day I was sick.
  8. Information that is "common knowledge," like "The Golden Gate Bridge spans San Francisco Bay," doesn't have to be cited.
  9. If someone said something in a lecture or on TV, I don't have to cite it because it is not written.
  10. If I am found to plagiarize something, there might be a notation on my permanent transcript that future employers, my advisors and my parents might see. 

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