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What is BroncoBytes?

BroncoBytes is a biweekly newsletter from the Bronco Advising Center that informs current Cal Poly Pomona students about important university-wide dates, deadlines and announcements.

Campus partners are invited to submit dates, deadlines and announcements for consideration in upcoming BroncoBytes issues by emailing Please include the following information in your submission:



CPP Email Address:

Submission Type: select Important Date / Deadline / Announcement

Submission Heading:

Submission Details: (Requirements for consideration are: 1-2 sentences explaining your date/deadline/announcement, a website with further information or general contact information [department phone number or email])

You must submit your date, deadline or announcement by Monday at noon of the week of publication. You can find the publication schedule here.

Submission Guidelines

Dates and deadlines are centered on student milestones. Examples include registration dates, payment due dates, application deadlines, etc. Entries expire after the dates or deadlines pass.

Announcements are targeted towards the student community at-large. Examples include campus-wide initiatives, calls for applications, etc. Entries expire after each BroncoBytes issue. Campus partners may resubmit announcements after one subsequent BroncoBytes issue. (For example, the announcement may be in the Sept. 28 issue, but cannot appear again until the Oct. 26 issue.)

The Bronco Advising Center will edit and compile all submissions for BroncoBytes biweekly distribution. The BroncoBytes team reserves the right to consider submissions for publications, and may edit submission style and content.

For more information or questions, email


Find the BroncoBytes archive here.