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1. What is the Early Start Program?

The Early Start Program consists of math and English courses designed to provide additional academic support to students and ease the transition into their GE math and English courses in the fall. Placement is based on multiple measures of assessment (SAT, ACT, CAASPP EAP, AP and other high school academic information or exams) set forth by the CSU.

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2. Do I need to participate in the CSU Early Start Program?

If you are required to participate in the CSU Early Start Program for English and/or math, the university will notify you of your requirement to participate in the Early Start Program in a separate email communication.  For additional questions, you may contact Please include your Bronco ID number in your message so we can better assist you. 

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3. Why do I need to complete the Early Start Program?

Per CSU Executive Order 1110, all students required by CSU multiple measures criteria must participate in the CSU Early Start summer program. For help determining your placement, refer to our English and math pathfinder tools


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4. What happens if I do not complete the Early Start requirement?

Participation in the Early Start Program is an enrollment requirement for the CSU. If you do not complete the Early Start requirement, you could be disenrolled from the university. 

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