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1. What is the Early Start Program?

The Early Start Program consists of developmental English and math courses during the summer for students requiring additional skill development in English and math. These courses are designed to provide support to students and initiate their progress in completing developmental coursework. For some students, the Early Start Program initiates English and/or math skill development and will continue to take developmental courses well into their first year, while others may complete their requirement during the Early Start Program. Placement is determined on the level of skill development a student has demonstrated they need via their EPT/ELM scores.

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2. Do I need to participate in the Early Start Program?

You must participate in the Early Start Program if you were not exempt from taking the English Proficiency Test (EPT) or the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) tests and received a score below 50 on the ELM or below 147 on the EPT. Depending on your score, you may be required to complete Early Start English or Early Start math courses, or both. The university will notify you of your requirement to participate and provide you with information on how to register for the Early Start Program. For additional questions, regarding your participation you may contact Please include your Bronco ID number in your message so we can better assist you.

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3. Why do I need to complete the Early Start Program?

The Early Start Program was established in accordance with CSU Executive Order 1048, which requires that all CSU students in need of development in English and math take courses to prepare them for college-level English and math the summer before their first term of enrollment.

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4. What happens if I do not complete the Early Start requirement?

Participation in the Early Start Program is an enrollment requirement and therefore mandatory. If you do not complete the early Start requirement, you could be asked to leave the university. 

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5. What is EO665?

Executive Order 665, issued by the CSU, requires students that require developmental math and/or English to complete all developmental courses by the end of the summer of their first year.

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6. Who does EO665 apply to?

EO665 applies to any student that initiated their developmental coursework in the summer and may need to complete or repeat additional developmental coursework into Fall, Winter and Spring. EO665 students will be monitored to ensure they are making progress toward completing all of their developmental coursework, and are encouraged to reach out to the Early Start Program for resources and support.

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