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Before the Program Begins

1. How do I enroll in Early Start?

If you are an incoming Cal Poly Pomona student, visit the Registration For CPP Students for details and tutorials.

If you are attending another CSU in the Fall but would like to complete Early Start at Cal Poly Pomona, visit the Registration for other CSU Students for details and tutorials.

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2. Will I have to take both math and English courses?

You will only have to take the required courses. Depending on your test scores, you may only need to take Early Start Math or Early Start Start English. However, if your test scores indicate that you require Early Start Math and Early Start English, you will have to take both courses.

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3. What if I am required to do Early Start for English but not math?

You should only enroll in ESE 5 for the summer. For more information on ESE 5, visit Summer Courses in the Early Start Program page.

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4. What kind of materials will we cover in the courses?

For information on what different courses will cover, visit Summer Courses.

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5. I was "Conditionally-Ready" and submitted my high school transcripts to verify that I successfully completed an approved senior year course with a "C" or better. How do I know if they received my transcripts and if I am now "Exempt" from Early Start?

For questions regarding transcripts, you should contact Admissions at (909) 869-5299.

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6. I enrolled in Early Start courses, but I am no longer attending Cal Poly Pomona. What should I do?

You should login to your Cal Poly Pomona student portal and drop the Early Start classes before the first day of classes to obtain a refund or reverse your fees. In addition, you should contact Admissions at (909) 869-5299 to notify them of your intention to withdraw from the university. You should consider contacting Orientation Services and Housing to cancel and obtain a refund or reverse any fees to avoid being held responsible. You should visit each department website to learn more about their cancellation policies so you can notify them in a timely manner.

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7. Can I drop an Early Start course and/or register for another Early Start course section that better first my schedule?

Yes. You may drop and add Early Start courses up until the first day of classes. To do so, login to your Cal Poly Pomona student portal to add and/or drop Early Start classes before the first day of classes to obtain a full refund or reverse your fees.

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