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1. Can I live on campus during the summer while I complete my Early Start courses?

Students attending a five or 2-week summer session at Cal Poly Pomona may apply for on-campus housing in building 54 Vista De Las Estrellas, based on space availability. For more information, visit Accommodations and Housing.

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2. What is the cost for on-campus housing?

For information on the cost of on-campus housing, visit Housing Costs or contact University Housing Services at (909) 869-3307.

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3. Will my financial aid cover the cost of campus housing?

The Early Start Fee Waiver and Cal Poly Pomona Summer Grant ONLY cover the cost of tuition. Students seeking additional financial aid for the summer are encouraged to complete the 2017-18 FAFSA to be considered for additional types of financial aid. For more information, contact Financial Aid & Scholarships or the Bronco Advising Center.

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4. How can I apply for housing?

Visit Apply for Housing for details and information.

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5. When will I know if I received a housing assignment?

Housing assignment notifications will begin in mid-July. If you have questions regarding your housing assignment, contact University Housing Services.

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6. Where can I get more information about on-campus housing?

7. What is the contact information for housing at Cal Poly Pomona?

You can visit Contact for a complete list of University Housing Services staff and offices.

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