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1. I never saw my CAASPP test scores to see if I am exempt by the Early Assessment Program. How can I get my CAASPP test scores?

For questions regarding your CAASPP scores, you should contact the Early Assessment Program at or (909) 869-3763.

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2. I took the ACT and the SAT tests twice, but did better on each on different occasions. Which score will you take?

Cal Poly Pomona will always take the highest overall score for English and Math.

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3. I am exempt from Early Start because I did well on my AP exams, but I also did poorly on my SAT exam. Am I still exempt ?

If you received a passing score on your AP exams (3 or higher) then you will be exempt from Early Start. For more information about your AP scores and if Cal Poly Pomona received them, contact the Bronco Advising Center at (909) 869-4600. The CSU uses a variety of placement and entrance exams to determine college readiness, but requires that you satisfy only one of these criteria for English and Math.

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4. I was “Conditionally-Ready” in Math and English, but I did not pass an approved senior year experience with a “C” or better. Can I still be exempt from the Early Start Program?

In order to be exempt from Early Start Math and/or English, you must have completed your approved senior course experience with a grade of "C-" or better or be exempt by another exam like the ACT, SAT, EAP or AP exam score (3 or higher).

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