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CPP Pledge: Information for 4-Year Program

Program Eligibility

  • A first-time freshman student entering Cal Poly Pomona in the fall term.
  • A declared major.
  • Eligible to enroll in a general education college-level math appropriate to your major based on the Entry-Level Mathematics Exam (ELM) and/or the Mathematics Diagnostic Placement Test (MDPT), or qualified for an exemption.
  • Eligible to enroll in college level English.
  • Committed to graduating in four years (or five years for Architecture majors).

How to Apply

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can access the application here. Use your BroncoName and Password to log in.

Qualified applicants will receive further instructions. The application includes a program contract, filling out the MyPlanner academic planning tool and meeting with an advisor.

Application Checklist

  • Read the program eligibility requirements.
  • Attend an information session during your Orientation program.
  • Apply online by September 15, 2017. If eligible, an acceptance email will be sent. This email will be sent to your Cal Poly Pomona email address. The message will outline your next steps.
  • After receiving your acceptance email, review the information and electronic program contract. You’ll be responsible to follow the guidelines outlined in the contract.
  • Watch the MyPlanner tutorial. You’ll use MyPlanner to submit your academic plan. Review the Advising & Academic Resources page on Student Success Central to find your planning tools.
  • Fill out your MyPlanner. Save your MyPlanner as a PDF, and attach it to your program contract before submitting it.
  • Set up an appointment with the the pledge advisor in your major department or visit drop-in hours (varies by college) before October 6, 2017. Find the pledge advisor list here. Bring a printout of your MyPlanner PDF with you to your advising session.

Maintaining Eligibility

After entering the program, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 45 quarter or 30 semester units every year.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.2 cumulative GPA and earn a "C" or better or credit (CR) in all of your coursework.
  • Meet with an assigned advisor every term. Consistent contact with an advisor encourages discussion about progress toward degree, careers, educational programs, research opportunities, graduate school, etc.
  • Participate in priority registration every term. Check the Student Success Central Academic Calendar for priority registration dates. 
  • Take and pass the Graduation Writing Test (GWT) during your junior year.