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Climate neutrality and sustainability have been part of the curriculum at Cal Poly Pomona for many years, intertwined into several academic disciplines. Students and faculty also engage in sustainability research. By providing academic opportunities in the area of sustainability, students are better prepared to enter their careers, regardless of the industry.

The Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies promotes the integration of people and natural processes with systems vital for community living, including food, water, energy, the built environment, and waste processes. The Center is administered by the College of Environmental Design, and offers a Master of Science in regenerative studies as well as a minor program at the undergraduate level. Faculty are drawn from departments across campus, creating a unique interdisciplinary learning environment.

The PowerSave Green Campus team is proud to announce the release of the Sustainability Course Guide, which is a list of courses for the upcoming quarter, approved by each college's department head, as either sustainability focused or sustainability related. The purpose of the guide is to give Cal Poly Pomona students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of sustainable concepts, theories, and practices so they can take that knowledge with them and be better prepared for the growing green job market.

Check back each quarter before registering for classes to see the latest version of the Sustainability Course Guide. From this link are two different versions of the guide: PDF and ISSUU (recommended format) readily available for students.