Green House Gas Inventories

Cal Poly Pomona greenhouse gas inventories are conducted every two years, in accordance with the Presidents’ Climate Commitment. The first inventory was conducted in 2007, and covers emissions in the years 1995-2005. The second inventory was conducted in 2010, and covers years 2006-2009. This graph represents our most recent assessment of greenhouse gas emissions at Cal Poly Pomona.  Emissions have steadily increased, primarily due to increases in campus population and new facilities, with an emissions level in 2009 of approximately 67,000 Metric Tons. 

2009 Greenhouse Gas Inventories Chart

Approximately 34% of campus emissions result from purchased energy. Purchased electricity is shown as the dark blue area in the bottom of the graph, and the use of natural gas represented in red.  These emissions are primarily associated with the operation of campus buildings, including cooling, heating, and the use of electrical equipment.  However, as a commuter campus, the sector that contributes the greatest to greenhouse gas emissions is transportation.  Transportation activities account for 64% of campus emissions, including commuting to and from campus by students, faculty and staff, campus fleet operations, and air travel on University business.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory: 1995-2005 (2007 GHG Report; PDF; 1.0 Mb)

Greenhouse Gas Inventory: 2006-2009 (2010 GHG Report, PDF; 727 Kb)