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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to educate students, faculty and staff to embrace the values and principles of sustainability in their daily lives by integrating them into the University’s planning and policies, academics, operations, student activities and community engagement.


• Engage faculty, students and staff in ongoing dialogue, inquiry, and discovery of more sustainable practices through curriculum, degree programs, and scholarly research.

• Empower students across the curriculum with an awareness in sustainability issues and a capacity to contribute to the construction of sustainable societies.

• Integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of university planning and operations, focusing both on the current and future implications.

• Design, build and operate a campus environment that minimizes its ecological footprint, contributing to the goal of climate neutrality.

• Create new paradigms for energy, transportation, water, waste and food systems that contribute to best practices in higher education.

• Participate in research initiatives and outreach activities that educate our communities, nourish our natural ecosystems, and enrich our cultural experiences.