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Thank you everyone!

Thank you everyone for an amazing year! Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you again in the Fall!

Congratulations to the new E-Board

Greetings SWE-bees! The voting numbers was intense, but not as intense as the greatness that will be achieved by this group. May the successfulness of our current officers transfer over to the new officers! Congrats again to our new eboard!

SWE President: Rachel Anne McCallister
VP of Internal Affairs: Melissa Villanueva
VP of External Affairs: Tiffany Benavides
VP of Corporate Relations: Nicole Barcarse
VP of Finance: Dominic Holloman
Outreach Chair: Karen Girgis
Webmaster/Historian: Julia Johansson
Social Events Chair: Karina Martinez
Membership Chair: Samantha Caponpon


SWE Awards!

Shout out to 4 fantastic SWE-bees that have went up and beyond that have become worthy of recognition. Points is just a number, but what you do and how you do it is what gets you going places.

Member of the Year: Gilberto Lopez
Officer of the Year: Rachel Anne McCallister
Indispensable Award: Jego Santos Fonseca
President’s Pick: Dominic Holloman



SWE would like to congratulate our fellow SWEbess who are graduating this year!! May all of you gain success on your new chapter of life!! Congraduations!!


Post WiSTEM Thank You!

We successfully outreached to 50 students, parents and teachers at our first Women in STEM outreach event on Saturday May 5th. The event had many industries, alumni, and clubs present, making the event well rounded for high school students interested in pursuing a STEM related major in college. Thank you for everyone's help in planning SWE's first WiSTEM. We couldn't have done it without you! To our volunteers, a giant THANK YOU for helping out on a Saturday. The event couldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without everyone's help.


Join Team Tech

Interested in joining Team Tech and being part of a hands-on project sponsored by industy? Check out more here!

SWE Long Sleeves Arrived!


SWE long sleeves are here and will be available for purchase at our general meeting this week. (People who signed up for preorders will have their order saved/set aside for them). They are $20 each. Make sure you buy one since it's a limited edition ;)


We just added a few new
scholarships and internships to the members section!

No more meetings this quarter, see you in the fall!

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