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California Government Exam (CGE)

American Institutions Requirement: California Component

If you have taken a course in American Government at a college or university outside California or at a college or university in California that is not part of the California State University (CSU) or California community college systems, or if you earned credit for American Government through an AP exam in high school, you may have been told that you still need to take a test in order to demonstrate knowledge of California government.

You can meet the requirement by taking a test offered by the Department of Political Science. You get only one chance at the test. If you fail it, you can satisfy the requirement by taking PLS 201 or PLS 481.

Do not wait until your last quarter at Cal Poly Pomona to take this test. Several students have waited until their last quarter to take this test and then they did not pass it. As a result, they did not graduate when they thought they would have and were required to come back for one more term or find a comparable course at a community college. You are encouraged to take this test as soon as possible after arriving at Cal Poly Pomona so that in the event you do not pass it, you will have plenty of opportunities to meet the requirement through coursework.

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