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Terence Young's publications focus on recreational environments. He writes about the perception, meaning, design, and use of public parks and greenspaces (at a variety of scales), theme parks, sustainability and regeneration, camping, and a variety of related topics. He is currently working on a book on the historical geography of camping in the US.

Select Publications & Other Information

Items below are organized by topic, but since some topics overlap,an item may appear in more than one location

On parks, protected areas & greenspaces

2011 - “Collecting and Diffusing ‘the World’s Best Thought’: International Cooperation by the National Park Service” The George Wright Forum 28(3): 269-278 (co-authored with Lary Dilsaver)

2011 - Radio Discussant about "The Parks of San Francisco: What's in Store for our Urban Oases" on January 24 on "City Visions Radio" at KALW 91.7 FM, San Francisco

2010 - "In Gaia's Garden: Reflections on John Lyle's Approach to Protected Areas" An unpublished paper presented at the Lyle Center Faculty Seminar in Regenerative Studies and posted on the Center's website

2008 - "Urban Parks, Leisure and the Good Society" in Loisir et Liberte en Amerique du Nord, P. Lagayette, Editor (Paris, France: Universite Paris-Sorbonne, Paris IV), 59-71

2007 - "U.S. Parks and Protected Areas: Origins, Meanings and Management" Historical Geography 35:5-9 (co-authored with Lary Dilsaver)

2007 - "U.S. Parks and Protected Areas" An edited themed issue for Historical Geography 35:5-213 (co-edited with Lary Dilsaver)

2006 - Four Visions of Nature Conservation and Democracy in the United States” in Naturschutz und Demokratie!?, J. Wolschke-Bulmahn and G. Groening, Editors (Hannover, Germany: Centre of Garden Art + Landscape Architecture), pp. 215-220

2006 – “German Influences on San Francisco’s Nineteenth-Century Greenspace” Die Gartenkunst 18(1): 69-80

2006 - "False, Cheap and Degraded: When History, Economy, and Environment Collided at Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park" Journal of Historical Geography 32(1): 169-189

2004 - Building San Francisco's Parks: 1850-1930, The Johns Hopkins University Press. Catalog information available by clicking HERE. Read David Kipen's review in the San Francisco Chronicle by clicking HERE. Read Lisa Benton-Short's review in Environmental History by clicking HERE. Read Shawna J. Dark's review in Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers by clicking HERE.

2004 - Pomona Valley: Assessing Natural Boundaries and Greenspace a co-authored website by Montgomery McIntosh, Terence Young, and Richard Worthington

2003 - "It's Not As Complicated As People Think" LA Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Online Newsletter 5: Constructing Nature (Spring 2003) (an online journal)

2001 - "Moral Order, Language, and the Failure of the 1930 Recreation Plan for Los Angeles County" Planning Perspectives 16(4): 333-356

2001 -"Urban Parks" in The Oxford Companion to United States History, P. Boyer, Editor In Chief (New York: Oxford University Press), p. 582

2000 - Creating Community Greenspace: A Handbook for Developing Sustainable Open Spaces in Central Cities, A report co-authored with Travis Longcore and with a foreword by Peter Harnik for The California League of Conservation Voters-Education Fund: Los Angeles, CA

1998 - "Golden Gate Park" in Encyclopedia of Urban America: Cities and Suburbs, Two Volumes, N.L. Shumsky, editor (ABC-Clio Publishing), p. 328

1996 - "Social Reform Through Parks: The American Civic Association's Program for a Better America" Journal of Historical Geography 22(4): 460-472

1995 - "Modern Urban parks" Geographical Review 85(4): 544-560

1995 - "`I am my own authority': the landscape gardening of William Frederick Poppey" Journal of Garden History 15(4): 226-230

1995 - "Modern Cities and Nature" The Society for Philosophy and Geography Newsletter 1(2): 4-5

1994 - "Trees, The Park, and Moral Order: The Significance of Golden Gate Park's First Plantings" Journal of Garden History 14(3): 158-170

1993 - "San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and the Search for a Good Society, 1865-1880" Forest and Conservation History 37(1): 4-13

On theme parks

2002 - "Grounding the Myth: Theme Park Landscapes in an Era of Commerce and Nationalism" in Theme Park Landscapes: Antecedents and Variations, T. Young and R. Riley, Editors. (Washington: Dumbarton Oaks Library and Research Center), pp. 1-10

2002 - "Virtue and Irony in a U.S. National Park" in Theme Park Landscapes: Antecedents and Variations, T. Young and R. Riley, Editors. (Washington: Dumbarton Oaks Library and Research Center), pp. 155-179

2002 - Theme Park Landscapes: Antecedents and Variations, Terence Young and Robert Riley, eds., Dumbarton Oaks Library and Research Center Press. Read Herbert Gottfried's review in Environmental History by clicking HERE.

On sustainability and regeneration

2010 - "In Gaia's Garden: Reflections on John Lyle's Approach to Protected Areas" An unpublished paper presented at the Lyle Center Faculty Seminar in Regenerative Studies and posted on the Center's website

2003 - Comment on "Prehistoric Landscapes and Finite Resources" at A Sustainable Future?: Environmental Patterns and the Los Angeles Past, a John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation Conference at California Institute of Technology, September 19

2000 - "Belonging not Containing: The Vision of Bioregionalism" Landscape Journal 19(1): 46-49

2000 - "Bioregionalism and Its Influence in Europe and the United States" An edited themed issue for Landscape Journal 19(1, Spring): 46-88

1999 - "Confronting Sustainability" in Sustainable Landscape Design In Arid Climates, William O'Reilly, Ed. (Geneva: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture), pp. 6-9

On camping

2014 – “The End of Camping: Coming Home to the City” BOOM: A Journal of California 4(3): 70-75

“’Green and Shady Camps’: E.P. Meinecke and the Restoration of America’s Public Campgrounds” The George Wright Forum 31(1): 69-76

2010 – “On Camping and Its Equipment” Environmental History 15(1, January 2010):120-128

2009 – “’A Contradiction in Democratic Government’: W.J. Trent, Jr. and the Struggle for Non-Segregated National Park Campgrounds” Environmental History 14(4, October): 651-682

2000 - "Camping In America: From 1869 to the Present" Arroyo View 12(2): 9

Other topics...

2004 - 'Historical Geography of the Environment' in "Historical Geography" in Geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century, C. Wilmott and G. Gaile, Editors (NY: Oxford University Press), pp. 153-154

2001 - "Place Matters" Annals of the Association of American Geographers 91(4): 681-682 (An introduction to a "Forum" of papers I originally organized at the 1998 meeting of the Association of American Geographers in Boston.)

1998 - "From Manure to Steam: The Transformation of Greenhouse Heating In The United States, 1870-1900" Agricultural History 72(3): 574-596


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