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The 2005 Dale Prize

Voices in Planning

The 2005 Dale Prize winners for the “Voices in Planning” theme are giving voice to underrepresented communities, ensuring that land use planning and decision-making practices are responsive to these new voices, and creating a civic culture of community engagement.


dr. kenneth reardonDr. Kenneth Reardon, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Planning, Cornell University

Dr. Reardon is the leading academic engaged in community action research.



dr. leonie sandercockDr. Leonie Sandercock, Professor, University of British Columbia

Dr. Sandercock is the leading theorist in this field and has influenced practice around the world.




ms. ceola davisMs. Ceola Davis, Community Organizer, East St. Louis.

Ms. Davis spearheaded the revitalization of East St. Louis and is widely recognized for uniting neighborhood residents around causes of unemployment, environmental degradation, and crime.