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The 2006 Dale Prize

Crossing Boundaries: Fostering a Regional Approach to Environmental Planning

The 2006 Dale Prize winners for the “Crossing Boundaries: Fostering a Regional Approach to Environmental Planning” theme are environmental planners who are working to cross disciplinary and jurisdictional boundaries, solving environmental problems by integrating analytic environmental studies and participative management strategies. The Dale Prize winners are:


Dr. John Randolph, Professor of Environmental Planning at Virginia Tech.

jonathan barnett

Dr. Randolph is the leading scholar in promoting understanding and cooperation among competing interests and disciplines in addressing complex environmental issues. Dr. Randolph’s work has fostered collaborative planning efforts that include multiple agencies, levels of government, and professional fields. His 2004 publication of Environmental Land Use Planning and Management is quickly becoming a seminal textbook in planning schools throughout the nation.


Ms. Carol Whiteside, Founding President of the Great Valley Center, Modesto, CA

sarah james

Ms. Whiteside is the leading practitioner in promoting regional approaches to dealing with environmental issues in California's Central Valley, providing innovative leadership development programs, user-friendly regional data gathering, and collaborative facilitation. Ms. Whiteside’s career spans both political and professional work, including serving as Mayor of Modesto and appointments in Governor Pete Wilson’s administration.