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The 2007 Dale Prize

Ecological Urban Design: Making Rules / Breaking Rules

The 2007 Dale Prize winners for the Ecological Urban Design: Making Rules/Breaking Rules theme are advancing an ecological approach to urban design, focusing on innovations, experiments, and best practices. “Making rules” refers the emergence of new visions, design concepts, and urban design constituencies; “breaking rules” refers to reforms to traditional concepts and implementation tools. This year’s winners place this theme in the context of livability, diversity of values, and participation. The 2007 Dale Prize winners are:


Mr. Jonathan Barnett FAICP, FAIA

jonathan barnett

Jonathan Barnett is a Professor of Practice in City and Regional Planning and Director of the Urban Design Program at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an architect and planner as well as an educator. Mr. Barnett is the author of numerous books and articles on the theory and practice of city design. He practices urban design with Wallace Roberts and Todd, LLC in Philadelphia and has been an advisor to many U.S. cities. Examples of his books include Urban Design as Public Policy; Introduction to Urban Design and The Elusive City: Five Centuries of Design, Ambition, and Miscalculation. His newest book, Smart Growth in a Changing World, is forthcoming from Planners Press in 2007.


Ms. Sarah James

sarah james

Sarah James is a Cambridge, Massachusetts city and town planning consultant. She is co-author of The Natural Step for Communities: How Cities and Towns Can Change to Sustainable Practices (2004). She is also co-author of the American Planning Association’s Policy Guide on Planning for Sustainability (adopted, April 2000). In 2005, she helped found the Eco-Municipality Network in the U.S., consisting of communities that are committed to taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability in government operations, energy use, and land development.