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URP Faculty

Felix R. Barreto, Ph.D.







B.A., M.C.R.P., and Ph.D., Rutgers University
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2727
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Dr. Barreto's interests include computer technology, planning theory, land use planning and economic development, and social justice issues. He teaches planning methods, urban theory, housing and urban economics.

Julianna Delgado, Ph.D., AICP







MArch, PhD, AICP
Voice Phone: (909) 869-5427
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Dr. Delgado teaches studios and lecture courses in urban design, land use planning, globalization, and community and sustainable development. Among her varied roles, she is the Founder and Co-Director of the California Center for Land and Water Stewardship, President of the Southern California Planning Congress, a member of the President’s Climate Commitment Task Force, and the Pasadena Council District #5 appointee to the General Plan Update Advisory Committee. Dr. Delgado is a former planning director, Director of Service-Learning at California State University, Northridge, and Director of Advocacy for the American Institute of Architects Pasadena & Foothills Chapter. She has also served multiple terms as Chair of the City of Pasadena’s Design Commission and its Transportation Advisory Commission, and has represented over 1,100 households as a three-term president of the Bungalow Heaven Neighborhood Association, formed to protect Pasadena’s oldest and largest landmark district.
Dr. Delgado’s current research interests lie within these areas: historic preservation, the development of water rights in the San Gabriel Valley, the redevelopment of brownfields for higher and better uses; regional open space and trailway systems; the design of affordable housing within transit-oriented centers; and the image of cities—Los Angeles, in particular—in the media. An advocate of participatory planning, her aim is to increase local empowerment and civic engagement while raising awareness of issues related to global sustainability.

Herschel Farberow, ASLA (Professor Emeritus)

herschel farberow






B.S., M.L.A. Cal Poly; M.A. UCLA
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2716
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Professor Farberow is the Coordinator of the College's Freshman Design Core. 

He has worked with the Getty Research Insitute, The Nature Conservancy, and govermental agencies on projects ranging from design guidelines to coastal environment issues. 

Ramzi Farhat, Ph.D. LEED AP, ASL






Voice Phone: (909) 869-3658

Dr. Farhat teaches coursework and studio in urban design, graphics and visual communication, land use planning and urban form. His research interests are in the policy and governance dimensions of development control. His current research is focused on design regulations, public/private partnerships in urban development, and the planning process. Dr. Farhat’s research and teaching is driven by the goal of better understanding the determinants of livable, stimulating, and vibrant urban environments.

Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.

B.A. & M.A. UC Los Angeles; Ph.D. UC Berkeley
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2710
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Dr. Huerta holds a joint faculty appointment in Urban & Region Planning and Ethnic & Women’s Studies. As an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Huerta teaches and conducts research on the intersecting domains of community & economic development, Chicana/o & Latina/o studies, immigration & Mexican diaspora, social movements, social networks and the informal economy. Apart from his journal articles, social commentaries and edited volumes, he is the author of the book Reframing the Latino Immigration Debate: Towards a Humanistic Paradigm (San Diego State University Press, 2013).


Do Kim

charles loggins







B.S. and M.S. in Public Administration, Kyunghee University; M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida.
Voice Phone: (909) 869-4645

Dr. Kim is the Graduate Program Coordinator and teaches courses in GIS applications in planning, transportation planning, and planning research methods. Based on his philosophy of teaching, integration of strong theoretical arguments with hands-on practical skills, he interconnects textbooks with real-world examples and experiences.
Dr. Kim's research and practice are currently focused on three principal areas: GIS applications to planning, land use/transportation relationship, and urban design. His current research focuses on GIS application to transportation safety, land use scenario planning, urban growth potential simulation, 3D visualization and simulation in urban design.

Charles Loggins ( Professor Emeritus)

charles loggins







B.A. San Francisco State, M.C.P. Harvard] 
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2689

Professor Loggins, an expert on community development and quantitative methods, teaches classes that explore urban research problems, community development, and social policy. His interest in rural planning stems from experience with Georgia's Emergency Land Fund. Note: Dr. Loggins teaches only during the Spring quarter.

Jerry V. Mitchell, Ph.D

jerry v. mitchell







[B.S. Illinois, J.D. Illinois, Ph.D. Michigan]
Voice Phone: (909) 869-4656

Dr. Mitchell teaches planning law, environmental planning, and seminars. His research concerns property rights and ecological integrity.

Gwen Urey, Ph.D.

Gwen Urey






[B.A. Bryn Mawr, M.U.P. Oregon, Ph.D. Cornell] 
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2725
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Dr. Urey introduces students to the major by teaching URP 101: Introduction to Cities and Planning. She also teaches courses on research methods, infrastructure planning, social and international dimensions of planning. Dr. Urey has led Cal Poly summer faculty institutes on on-line teaching and learning, and also has facilitated a Cal Poly learning community on “engaged teaching” or service learning. Dr. Urey serves on the Planning Commission for the City of Pomona and on the executive board of the California Planning Foundation. She is also the Vice President of the campus chapter of the California Faculty Association.

Dr. Urey’s research interests are in infrastructure planning and in the scholarship of pedagogy, including the use of online and service-learning modes.

Ana Maria Whitaker, AICP (Emeritus Professor)

Ana Maria Whitaker






[B.A. and M.A. UCLA, M.Arch. UC Berkeley]
Voice Phone: (909) 869-4507

Professor Whitaker teaches the history of world cities, urban design, diversity issues in planning and design, land use planning, urban design and planning in Europe, and planning graphics. Many of her classes involve working with local communities, particularly by conducting historic preservation surveys in suburban cities to create an awareness of identity and context and promote preservation. She has an extensive background in planning practice, most recently with the city of Pasadena.

Professor Whitaker’s interests include the history of urban form, identity in urban design, and social equity planning. Her current research projects involve the historical urban form of cities and streets in Latin America, the impact of the network society in defining urban identity and historic preservation in suburbia, and the identification and integration of diverse historical places into the development of the San Gabriel Valley. Note: Professor Whitaker teaches only during the Fall quarter

Richard W. Willson, Ph.D., FAICP

Richard W. Willson






[B.E.S. Waterloo, M.PL. USC, Ph.D. UCLA]
Voice Phone: (909) 869-2701
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Dr. Willson teaches transportation planning, planning theory, and planning communication techniques. His classes have been recognized for outstanding projects (e.g., 2005 California Chapter APA Outstanding Planning Award for Leadership and Service/Academic). His teaching is enriched by planning practice, including projects with regional and local transportation agencies such as the Bay Area Rapid Transit District and developers of urban infill projects.

Dr. Willson's research in transportation planning addresses land/use transportation relationships, travel demand management, transit-oriented development, and parking policy. His planning theory research addresses the implications of communicative action theory for transportation planning, educational assessment, and leadership. He served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Planning Association, is past Vice President of the Transportation Division of the American Planning Association, and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners..

Richard J. Zimmer, AICP

Richard J. Zimmer







[B.A. Cal Poly Pomona, M.P.A. USC]
Voice Phone: (909) 869-4943

Mr. Zimmer has over thirty years of experience with federal, state and local agencies and with the development community dealing in urban planning, community development, redevelopment and economic development. He teaches courses in real estate development processes, planning studios, planning methods, and policy analysis.

Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Gallardo
Bicycle Outreach and Planning
LADOT, City of Los Angeles

Kipp Kobayashi
Mythograph Site Furnishings and Environmental Graphics

Meredith McKenzie, JD
Environmental Planning Consultant
Pasadena, CA

Marta Perlas
Mythograph Site Furnishings and Environmental Graphics

Meenaxi R. Panakkal, AICP
Senior Planner
Albert A. Webb Associates

David Salazar, AICP
Associate Vice President
Physical Planning and Facilities Management
California State University, Long Beach

Abhishek Tiwari
VTA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Duarte, CA 91010


Laura Fujimoto-Hernandez
Department Administrative Coordinator
Voice Phone: (909) 869-4041





URP Faculty

Felix Barreto

Julianna Delgado

Ramzi Farhat

Alvaro Huerta

Do Kim

Courtney Knapp

Jerry Mitchell

Gwen Urey

Richard Willson

Richard Zimmer

Affiliated Faculty

Elizabeth Gallardo

Kipp Kobayashi

Meredith McKenzie

Meenaxi Panakkal

Marta Perlas

Abhishek Tiwari