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URP 523 Policy Analysis

URP 523 is the final course in the graduate methods sequence. Students work in three-person teams to address a policy issue of their choosing, either evaluating alternative policy solutions or assesing the success of an implemented policy. Click below for examples of student work from 2012 and 2013 - an evaluation of a change in the water rate structure in Palmdale and an evaluation of the implementation of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in Los Angeles.

Palmdale Water Rate Structure

Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Evaluation of LA Metro High Occupancy Toll Lanes

Reducing Bus Stop Insecurity in Women

Breed-Specific Dog Regulation, Riverside County

Field Trips


URP 337 Planning Public Infrastructure, Fall 2012.

Instructor: Gwen Urey

Students in URP 337, a class on infrastructure planning, evaluation, and implementation, enjoyed a ride on the Foothill Transit ecoliner from the Pomona Transit Center. The ecoliner is the world's first heavy-duty, electric-powered bus. It can carry 68 passengers, drive 30-miles without charging, and can recharge in less than 10 minutes at an in route docking station.

ENV 101 Foundations of Design I, Fall 2012.

Instructors: Herschel Farberow, Ramzi Farhat, and Julianna Delgado

Students in ENV 101, the foundations of design class that brings students from all ENV disciplines together, enjoyed yet another ENV 101 field trip to downtown Los Angeles. This annual tradition offers students a day long tour of historic and contemporary notable buildings and public spaces, and a glimpse of how downtown evolved over the years. In the picture, ENV students make a short stop at the steps of City Hall.

Studio Projects

URP 498 Advanced Planning Studio, Winter 2012

Instructor: Ramzi Farhat

Students in Professor Farhat’s URP 498 Advanced Planning Studio, under the guidance of the City of Pomona Division of Planning, investigated the area surrounding the underutilized Pomona Transit Center for its potential as a center transit oriented development. Students produced four different visions for the center, and investigated urban design solutions to reconnect the fabric of the downtown area across the rail tracks. In the picture, students present their work to city staff and a local audience.


URP 431/ 432 Community Planning Studio, Fall/ Winter 2011-2012. Instructor: Julianna Delgado

Students in Professor Delgado’s URP 431/ 432 Community Planning Studio partnered with Michael Dieden, principal of Creative Housing Associates, to develop recommendations for improving Central Avenue in Los Angeles, once known as a hub of the Jazz scene in Los Angeles. The project featured recommendations for reviving the street as a center for the arts and music based on the aspirations of the community, including the adaptive reuse of the former Lincoln Theater as a performing arts academy. In the image, Michael Dieden talks to the students on a field trip.


URP 431/ 432 Community Planning Studio, Fall/ Winter 2012-2013 Instructor: Ramzi Farhat

Students in Professor Farhat’s URP 431/ 432 Community Planning Studio, under the guidance of the City of Los Angeles Department of City Planning, are working on a vision for the South Park area of downtown Los Angeles. The project will ultimately lead to suggestions on an approach to a new set of zoning regulations for downtown informed by the vision for the district. In the picture, David Olivo of City Planning talks to the students about development opportunities in the area.