Cal Poly Pomona

Winter 2013 Syllabi

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URP 102 Process and Theory of Planning (Mitchell)

URP 202 Planning Design Awareness (Farberow)

URP 332 Applied Quantitative Methods for Planning (Kim)

URP 335 Urban Land Use Planning and Theory (Delgado)

URP 352 Intergovernmental Framework for Planning (Mitchell)

URP 411Evolution of American Cities and the Planning Movement (Farhat)

URP 431S Community Planning Studio I (Zimmer)

URP 432S Community Planning Studio II (Zimmer)

URP 461, 01 Senior Project (Barreto)

URP 462, 01 Senior Project (Barreto)

URP 462, 02 Senior Project (Perlas)

URP 466 Urban Growth Management (Zimmer)

URP 487 Environmental Factors in Regional Planning (McKenzie)

URP 490 Advanced Applications in GIS (Kim)

URP 499, 01 Internship (Salazar)

URP 499, 02 Dale Prize -- Historic Preservation as Economic Development (Zimmer)

URP 502 Urban Analysis Fundamentals (Urey)

URP 521 Urban and Regional Planning Research Methods (Urey)

URP 525S GIS Planning Support Systems Service Learning (Kim)

URP 534 Urban Housing and Community Development (Barreto)

URP 535 Regional Transportation Planning and Policy (Willson)

URP 551 Social and Political Planning Policy (Loggins)

URP 641 Graduate Planning Studio I (Delgado)

URP 692 (Comprehesive Examination (Farberow)