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Student Team Competition Class

Downloadable guidelines


A number of civil engineering students compete in national level team compeitions including:

The team competition class is not a requirement for paticipation on any of these teams. If you're interested in these competitions, contact the team captain and get envolved.

The pupose of the team competition class is to provide students who have already been involved in a competition to take their participation a step further and performa independant research in a technical area related to the project.


Enrollment in CE 499 Team Project Competition is approved on an idividual basis. Students generally are expected to meet the following requirements

  • Have participated in the particular student team in the previous year
  • Have a cummulative GPA of 2.5 of greater
  • Have completed ME 218 and ME 215

Course Requirements & Outline

  • Course is 4 units total, 2 during fall quarter and 2 during winter quarter
  • Summer before course starts students must
    • Complete a literature search on topic
    • Develop an initial one paragraph statement of work for review by instructor
    • Complete a proposal containing: expanded statement of work, summary of literature review, milestone schedule through winter quarter
  • Proposal must be approved by instructor before student may enroll in CE 499
  • Final report will be due second week of winter quarter. Remainder of winter quarter is alloted for work directly in preparation for the student competition

Downloadable guidelines