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Capacity and Preparatory Review Phase


The Capacity and Preparatory Review (C&PR) is the second stage of a new WASC review process intended to build the capacity of an institution to work more effectively within a culture of evidence and to give emphasis to educational effectiveness. The C&PR stage is designed to enable the WASC Commission to determine whether an institution fulfills the Core Commitment to Institutional Capacity: The institution functions with clear purposes, high levels of institutional integrity, fiscal stability, and organizational structures and processes to fulfill its purposes.

The report prepared as part of the C&PR Review is different from previous WASC self-studies by taking the institution’s review of key indicators of its own capacity and educational effectiveness as the central focus of review, as well as including authentic source documents that relate the institution to the Standards. The report is a demonstration of the institution’s ability to generate and analyze indicators of performance aligned with the institution’s own priorities and educational objectives, and the institution’s ability to engage thoughtfully and extensively with issues of educational effectiveness and student learning. The Cal Poly Pomona report is organized around special themes, with a cross reference to Commission Standards.