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Educational Effectiveness Phase

Educational Effectiveness Review Background

CLA Building and Palm Trees

The Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) is the third stage of a new WASC review process. It is intended to demonstrate the extent to which the institution evidences clear and appropriate educational objectives and design at the institutional and program level, and employs processes of review, including the collection and use of data, that assure delivery of programs and learner accomplishments at a level of performance appropriate for the degree or certificate. Overall, it is a demonstration of the extent to which the institution fulfills its Core Commitment to Educational Effectiveness.

The report prepared as part of the EER Review is different from previous WASC self-studies in that it takes the institution’s review of key indicators of its own educational effectiveness as the central focus of review, as well as including authentic source documents that relate the institution to the Standards. The report is a demonstration of the institution’s ability to generate and analyze indicators of performance aligned with the institution’s own priorities and educational objectives, and the institution’s ability to engage thoughtfully and extensively with issues of educational effectiveness and student learning. The Cal Poly Pomona report is organized around special themes, with a cross reference to Commission Standards.