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Successful accreditation must meet WSCUC Standards and satisfy Criteria for Review. The process is described in WSCUC’s 2013 Handbook of Accreditation. At the end of the Winter 2017 term, the university has formed and charged the WSCUC Steering Committee. Furthermore, the university is working with Academic Senate and Divisional leaders to appoint members to the Working Groups that will write the institutional report under the auspices of the Steering Committee and the leadership of the Working Group Chair and Co-Chair. The Chair of each Working Group serves on the Steering Committee.

Cal Poly Pomona’s WSCUC Steering Committee

The purpose of the WSCUC Steering Committee (PDF) is to set strategic direction for the re-accreditation process and ensure timely progress of this important initiative for our campus. The committee’s overall charge is to oversee and facilitate campus-wide engagement and activities for the WSCUC Self-Study and the Institutional Review Process. The committee also guides and supports the work of the Working Groups (PDF) charged with developing materials for the essays of the Institutional Report.

Cal Poly Pomona’s Working Groups                          

The WSCUC Working Groups (PDF) are comprised of cross-divisional representatives. Under the leadership of the Chair/Co-Chair teams, each Working Group will write an Essay for the Institutional Report, as follows: 

Essay of the

Institutional Report

Essay Topic

Essay 1 (PDF)

Introduction to the Institutional Report

Essay 3 (PDF)

Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of Degrees (MQID)

Essay 4 (PDF)

Educational Quality

Essay 5 (PDF)

Student Success

Essay 6 (PDF)

Quality Assurance and Improvement

Essay 7 (PDF)