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Principles of Management

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Chapter 1--Managers and Managing.
Chapter 2--The Evoluation of Management Theory.
Chapter 3--The Organiational Environment.
Chapter 4--The Global Environment.
Chapter 5--Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Diversity.
Chapter 6--The Manager as a Decision Maker.
Chapter 7--The Manager as a Planner and Strategist.
Chapter 8--Managing Organizational Structure.
Chapter 9--Organizational Control and Culture.
Chapter 10--Building Human Resources.
Chapter 11--The Manager as a Person.
Chapter 12--Motivation.
Chapter 13--Leadership.
Chapter 14--Groups and Teams.
Chapter 15--Communication.
Chapter 16--Organizational Conflict, Politics, and Change.
Chapter 17--Managing Information Systems and Technologies.
Chapter 18--Operations Management: Managing Quality, Efficiency, and Responsiveness to Customers.
Chapter 19--The Management of Innovation, Product Development, and Entrepreneurship.