I&IT Web Development supports the production of high-quality web pages. We emphasize all aspects of quality:

  • Useful and accurate content
  • Understandable navigation
  • Attractive layout, both visually and for alternative devices such as screen readers
  • Correct use of HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Effective integration with the rest of the Cal Poly Pomona web

The services of I&IT Web Development are aimed at institutional web pages (divisions, colleges, departments, institutes, centers, and programs). Faculty interested in developing instructional web pages should instead contact eLearning.

Web site design

Are you a College, Department, Center, or Institute? Of course not! But maybe you work for one, and would like help with your web pages. We provide complete design services, including business process and audience analysis, navigation design, adaptation of CPP web templates, initial content conversion, and training of content providers for continued maintenance. We guarantee compliance with all campus requirements. And it's free (subject to the availability of staff time).

Google Appliance Search KeyMatch

We have the ability to specify web pages that will appear at the top of the first page of results on a search with the Google Appliance. Here is what Google says: "KeyMatch lets you promote specific web pages on your site. For example, if a department is releasing a new Operations web page that should be returned for certain types of queries, you can direct users to that new web page by associating specific search terms, such as operations, with the new web page. A link for the new web page is returned alongside the search results (as a text-based ad does) for queries containing the term operations. This feature is especially useful in driving traffic directly to web pages that are not yet part of the Production Index or that have very few links to them, causing them to appear further down in the results list than you would like."

We've developed a form where faculty and staff can request KeyMatch terms for pages they control. We won't always honor a request—if a term has two dozen KeyMatch URLs, the rest of the search results will be pushed off the page—but there's no reason an important page should languish far down in the search results because the algorithm thinks it's unimportant.


Planning a major web project? Thinking about a web site "facelift"? Come talk to us. We're glad to address all your questions. Some examples:

  • Are the Cal Poly Pomona templates right for you?
  • Using web space at Cal Poly Pomona versus contracting with an external web host.
  • Do you need a "vanity domain"?
  • What to ask a commercial web developer.
  • What to require of a student web developer.


I&IT Web Development and the Web Team have created a set of templates that echo the look and feel of the Cal Poly Pomona home pages, but that allow for customization.