I&IT Web Development Strategic Plan, 2007-2012

Strategic Mission

Become the preferred provider of web technologies and web content services, and lead by example in all areas of the CPP Web.

Strategic Direction and Tactics

  1. Increase sustainability of the department and the Cal Poly Pomona Web by adhering to and promoting best practices and standards.
    1. Achieve full compliance with the goals of the Accessible Technology Initiative; bring about widespread use of universal design in web pages.
    2. Create and implement next-generation look and feel of CPP web pages.
    3. Promote ease of content creation through short-term use of Contribute, long-term selection of content management system(s).
    4. Adhere to W3 standards, serving only valid pages and feeds.
    5. In partnership with I&IT Systems, provide web platforms that meet campus needs.
    6. Institute automated metrics (server logs, etc.), as well as user testing and feedback for sites and applications.
    7. Begin all web design projects with business process analysis.
    8. Optimize staffing levels, institutionalize staff training, leverage mentored student assistants as part of project teams.
  2. Evaluate and implement web-based technologies to support the mission of the Division.
    1. Develop strategies for assessing whether expressed campus needs could be met with new technologies, and whether new technologies will engender or uncover campus needs.
    2. Develop strategies for rapidly evaluating and prototyping specific software or solutions to see if they meet campus needs.
  3. Improve accuracy and maintainability of the Cal Poly Pomona Web by encouraging data flow to web pages that relies on the effective use of information from authoritative sources.
    1. Promote the use of XML/RSS for data feeds; provide tools for reading the information into individual web pages.
    2. Work with I&IT Applications to restrict “shadow” databases (databases that wholly or partially duplicate the information in authoritative databases) to those populated only from scheduled feeds from authoritative sources.
  4. Develop a strategy for data integration, information gathering and distribution, and workflow through web applications.
    1. Work with campus stakeholders to investigate, select, adopt, and implement an infrastructure and specific applications for electronic workflow.
    2. Provide tools and web services to allow applications to rely on identity systems rather than user input for user-related information.
    3. Whenever possible, choose applications that use interoperable databases (primarily Oracle).