Dreamweaver Templates Version 5.2

Version 5.2.1, 2011-11-04

Fixed the Search to use correct SEARCH URL.
Please download the newest .zip file.

Version 5.2, 2011-09-26

We made some improvements while porting I&IT Web Development, and there were some errors in the zip file, so here is the new version. We're using a different approach for the away links that doesn't require icons, but it's not HTML-compatible, since it uses <ul> rather than a table. We also added some CSS3 transition effects.

This site, including the template, CSS files, images, and examples, is also available as a .zip file.

Version 5.1.0, 2011-05-16

We hope this will be the last version before the move to Cascade Server, the new web content management system. This version improves the rendering of the header links, to reduce the likelihood of them wrapping to two lines, and to display gracefully when they do. It also implements a separate style sheet for Internet Explorer 6 and earlier. IE6 is unchanged from Version 5.0.0, and will not be further maintained; it is currently used by only 2% of our visitors, and will soon not be supported by Microsoft.

Because of the way the IE-specific style sheet is implemented, Dreamweaver and Contribute (at least through version CS3) will not show styled content in design view. This is unfortunate, but doesn't affect editing or rendition in a web browser.

These templates are intended to be a "stopgap" while I&IT implements a campus-wide web content management system (WCMS).

This documentation is provided for users who are already familiar with the previous templates, or who are adept at HTML and CSS. We will probably never provide "beginner" Dreamweaver templates; beginners should wait for the WCMS.

Questions? webteam@csupomona.edu

Differences from previous CPP templates

  • The primary navigation is now horizontal, beneath the header.
  • There is an additional navigation area above the search box, useful for commonly used away links. In many cases careful use of this area will eliminate the need for additional away links (although styles for those are still provided).
  • There are fewer page designs, only a single template, and a single main CSS file.
  • Navigation is set up to use XSSI (Extended Server-side Includes): each menu resides in a separate "include" file, so that a change in navigation only requires editing a single file. The supplied "include" files have conditional logic to properly show the current page. These files have been designed for and tested on the ZFS file system, but should work on any web server that supports XSSI.

Differences from the CPP home page template of 2011-05-13

  • Some of the widths in the header are different to accommodate the different size of the CPP logotype.

Differences from the CPP home page template of 2010-11-16

  • To ease the transition, and to standardize all navigation markup, the horizontal navigation has been modified to have the same markup as the horizontal navigation of version 4.2. In theory, any navigation <ul> can be swtiched among the available types by changing the class of its div. At some point the home page will be retrofitted.
  • The ratio of the left and right columns is now modified by linking an additional style sheet.
  • The class "contents_column" has been added.
  • Include files use XSSI rather than PHP, which necessitated some minor changes.

Incomplete items

  • The print style sheet (print.css) is still under development

Style sheets

Each template links separate screen and print stylesheets, cpp.css and print.css respectively. There are three additional stylesheets, which can be linked following the link to cpp.css, in order to control the width of columns:

  • 3to1.css changes the width of the left and right columns to have a 3:1 ratio
  • 2to1.css changes the width of the left and right columns to have a 2:1 ratio. because this rule is already established in cpp.css, this file is normally not needed, and is provided only to restore the ratio in individual pages if you change cpp.css.
  • equalcolumns.css causes the left column to occupy the entire content width and provides a class "fiftypercent" to create columns occupying half the width. This is of limited use; it was originally developed for the Administration page.


The templates have been successfully tested on recent versions of Internet Explorer (7, 8, and 9), Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Please let us know if you run into any problems.

Versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 6.0 are not supported by us because they are no longer supported by Microsoft, and IE 6 receives an older style sheet that will not be maintained in the future.

Version history

Version 5.2, 2011-09-26

  1. Away navigation converted to unordered list and styled in a different manner, without the need for background icons. The CSS is in grayaway.css.
  2. Corrected headerlinks.shtml to have proper classes for stylesheet (if you see a vertical bar after the last entry, that's the problem).
  3. Added CSS3 tranistions, which are ignored by older browsers.

Version 5.1.0, 2011-05-16

  1. The <div> for the header links is wider and taller. The logotype and search areas are correspondingly reduced, although no visible items have shifted.
  2. The header links are now vertically centered, so that they will still be useful if they wrap.
  3. The fallback fonts have been adjusted for better appearance on Macintosh without Microsoft products and on Linux (although standard Linux distros seem to lack narrow sans-serif fonts).
  4. The included file topnav.shtml was modified so that it no longer generates a validation error for the selected page.

Version 5.0.0, 2010-11-16

  1. Complete redesign to match the 2010 home page redesign. Editable regions retain the same names, but all other parts have been changed. The .zip file is still available for replacement parts.

Previous versions

See version 4.2

Templates for the 2003-2010 design, version 1, version 2, version 3.0, version 3.5, version 4.0, version 4.1, and version 4.2, are deprecated, but still available for repairs and nostalgia.

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Images for the left column should be 297 pixels wide when using the standard column widths