May 2008 & 2009 Research Symposium (photo album)
Spring 2008 & 2009 - The Science Council & the College of Science presented their 3th & 4th Annual Science Research Symposium on May of 2008 & 2009. Many WEEA students participated and presented their research projects and posters.
Spring 2008 WEEA Graduates (photo album)
Spring 2008 - WEEA students proudly pose for pictures with WEEA director, Dr. Barbara Burke, during Cal Poly Pomona's 52th Annual Commencement Ceremonies which was held on June 15, 2008.
Winter 2008 Pizza Social (photo album)
Winter 2008 - There was a pizza social at the end of the quarter. WEEA mentors and students introduced themselves and talked about their research and projects. Everyone had a good time having pizza and talking about their future goals and interests.
November 2007 SCCUR (photo album)
Stella Hartono (Physics) Advisor: Dr. Nina Abramzon
The Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research was held at Cal State Los Angeles on November 17, 2007. Several WEEA students presented at this conference, in addition to other Cal Poly Pomona students.
Fall 2007 Ice Cream Social (photo album)
WEEA candidates
The first WEEA meeting for the 2007-2008 academic year introduces WEEA candidates to the program with presentations by mentors and past WEEA students. It was held on November 7th, 3-5pm, in Bldg 8, Rm 48, the Computer Science Conference Room.
April/May 2007 Luncheons (photo album)
Computer Science Luncheon
Spring 2007 - There were luncheons for WEEA mentors and apprentices in each department. It was a good opportunity for mentors and apprentices to interact in a social rather than academic setting. Apprentices were asked to invite friends, which made for a lively gathering.
March 2007 Pizza Social (photo album)
March 2007 - There was a pizza social at the end of the quarter. WEEA mentors and students talked about their research. A good time shared by all.
November 2006 Ice Cream Social (photo album)
Dr. Lan Yang (Computer Science) and Dr. Nina Abramzon (Physics)
November 17, 2006. First WEEA meeting for 2006-2007. Introduced new WEEA candidates to the programs. Various mentors and past WEEA students talked about their research interests and experiences. Everyone had ice cream.