• May 27, 2010 5th Annual Science Research Symposium
    You may find more information by visiting the news page.
  • June 2, 2010 Computer Science Student Success Banquet
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  • Spring 2010 Luncheons
    All the departments will have their luncheon get-togethers by end of the spring quarter.

WEEA is a mentoring and professional development equity project. The goal of the program is to develop and implement a model that will increase the number of women eligible to join the professional workforce in the math, computer, and physical sciences. The project gives opportunities to women, who are juniors or seniors and are majoring in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics to work on exciting research projects in the field of their studies. WEEA delivers mentoring and professional development opportunities to upper division women at Cal Poly and gives them a chance to interact and network with women professors in academe and women professionals in industry. The program offers participation in professional conferences and research seminars. We truly believe that WEEA will increase the educational equity at Cal Poly Pomona and will also provide a model for other universities.