Wei-Jen Lin, Ph.D.
Cal Poly Pomona

BIO 560 Advanced Bacterial Physiology and Genetics
Winter, 2005

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General Information
Class Assingments
Project report and presentation
Lecture and Discussion Schedule
Literature Discussion Schedule

Wei-Jen Lin
909-869-4179; Bldg 4, Rm 3-760

Lecture/Lab hour: Fridays 8:30-11pm (tentative)
Office hour: TWR 2:20 -4:00 pm

Reference books (no textbook required):
1. Microbial Physiology, 4rd ed. Moat and Foster. Wiley-Liss, Inc. New York, NY, 2002
2. Molecular Genetics of Bacteria, 2nd ed, Snyder and Champness, ASM, 2002
3. Genes VIII, Lewin, Prentice Hall, 2004
4. Any Microbiology textbook

General information:
Microbial physiology is the study of microbial function and biology. It includes enormous disciplines from the study of thousands of different microorganisms. This graduate-level discussion class will cover current knowledge on selected topics with emphasis on genetic and molecular approaches. Discussion and critique on current research papers will be a major part of this course to enhance students' critical thinking and knowledge of experimental methods. The one-credit lab will involve individual projects. Lecture and lab will be graded together.

Class assignments

1 Literature discussion
Weekly literature study questions (15%)
One turn of leading the discussion, which includes a short presentation of background info, methods, and results of the paper. (15%)
Participation in discussion (10%)
40 %
2 Lab project/term paper/presentation
Lab project design/proposal (10%), report write-up (15%) and presentation (15%).
40 %
3 Final Exam 20 %


Project report/Presentation -- due March 12, 2003 in class
Write up a complete report of your lab project followed the subtitles listed below. Make sure you cover enough background information in the introduction so others can understand your work without further reading. The report should be typed in no more than 10-12 double-spaced pages (everything included).

1. Title/author/abstract
2. Introduction - background and objectives
3. Materials and methods - in detail
4. Results - include tables and/or figures
5. Discussion/conclusion
6. References
7. Appendix: Proposal and Budget

Tentative schedule:

BIO560 Bacterial Physiology and Genetics

Week Lecture topics Lab
1 Overview of bacteria structure & function  
2 Cell growth and division, further reading Project selection
3 Sporulation
Literature discussion: cell cycle;
4 Gene transfer
Literature discussion: sporulation
Proposal due; 10-minute presentation
5 Bacteria genetics
Literature discussion: gene transfer
6 Gene regulation I
Literature discussion: bacteria genetics
Lab projects
7 Gene regulation II
Literature discussion: gene regulation
Lab projects
8 Bacterial pathogenesis I
Literature discussion: gene regulation
Lab projects
9 Bacterial pathogenesis II
Literature discussion: pathogenesis
Lab projects
10 Report due; Oral presentation  
  Final TBA  


Literature Discussion Schedule - TBD

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