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General Microbiology sites
American Society for Microbiology
The Microbe World
FDA Bad Bug Book
The Microbial Underground
The Microbiology Webout Textbook
Online Biology Book
Kimball's Biology Pages - on line biology textbook with search engine
Cell Alive - color images and diagrams of cells and cell functions
EcoCyc - Encyclopedia of Escherichia coli Genes and Metabolism

Education Resources
Bacterial Metabolism
Access Exerllence - a resource for education in health and biosciences developed by Genentech
Genetics Education Center - links to education resource in genetics
The Grapes of Staph - microbiology course information by Dr. Kaiser
Microbe Zoo

Literature Search
Pudmed - Medline search
Nothern Light - general article search

On-line Journals
ASM Journals
PNAS - free access
Lancet - free access from Cal Poly campus
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Biochemistry - free access from Cal Poly campus
FEMS Journals - free access from Cal Poly campus
Nature Review Microbiology

Annual Review of Microbiology - free access
Current Opinion in Microbiology - free access from Cal Poly campus
Trends in Microbiology - free access from Cal Poly campus
International J of Food Microbiology - free access from Cal Poly campus
BioMedNet Journal Collection - link to online journals
Science Direct Journals - online access to journal articles
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Journal links
Cal Poly Library

Culture Collections
Stock Collection Servers
American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
Bacillus Genetic Stock Center (BGSC)
E. coli Genetic Stock Center (EGSC)

CMS Molecular Biology Resource
Microbial genome at Sanger Centre
Complete Sequences of Microbial Genome (TIGR)
Microbial Genome Database for Comparative Studies
Microbial Genome Project by DOE
Genomic: A Global Resources - information and links about genomics
More links in my Bio499 Bioinformatics

Funding Sources
NIH Funding
CDC funding
Agriculture Research Initiative - CSU
Wildlife Grants
GrantsNet - Grant searching tool

Research tools and information
Molecular Biology Shortcuts - include all kinds of information and links for molecular biologists
The Bio-Web - A web resource for molecular and cell biologists
Healthlinks - U. Washington
BioExchange -
Medline Plus
BioMedNet - News, research tools, journals and links in biomedical sciences
Amos' Web Links - Extensive lists of links to references, sequence analysis, useful sites for biologists
BioCarta - graphic pathways for cell and molecular biology
BioCompare - buyer's guide for life scientists
Online Labsafety Training
Material Safety Data Sheet

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