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Intro notes


WFA recognizes and is committed to the realization of the following values:

Value in Diversity

The educational, professional and social growth of all of us is enhanced by the full participation of persons of diverse ethnic, cultural, social and economic status in the life of the university as students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Value in True Collegiality

There is value to be gained by the establishment and nourishing of an atmosphere of true collegiality among the university community, free of intimidation, marginalization, disrespect and clandestine reprisals against those who hold non-traditional or non-mainstream views.

Value of Relevant and Vital Curriculum

The greatest value of the WFA to the campus community is in its ability to impact the curriculum. As professional educators, we are committed to creating shared learning experiences for the community that will allow us all to move into the next decade and century more informed about gender, color and class issues, the environment and peace issues; more able to identify and resolve conflicts arising out of these and other compelling issues; and more capable of utilizing the larger body of resources that our knowledge and understanding of these compelling issues will bring.

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