Group Members

Please contact Dr. Y. Liu if you are interested in conducting research in the group.


Khang and Howard graduated with MS degrees in June 2017. Congratulations, Khang and Howard!

Current Members

Zaw Naing, graduate student


Graduate Students

Huijing (JJ) Zhu ABC Testing Labs
Chao-Nan Huang
Khang Pham
Ching Man Choy Impax Laboratories
Yue (Sherry) Zhou Cal Poly Pomona
Hassan Fakreddine Nitto Avecia Pharma Services
Kenneth Chong City of Los Angeles

Undergraduate Students

Ashley Dixon Psychemedics
Jacob Carlos
Grace Montgomery
Stephanie Salas Jones Environmental
Brandon Lum Q2 Solutions
Hsu Aung
Leslie Aranda
Michael Torres
Craig Sheldon
Huijing Zhu Graduate student at Cal Poly Pomona
Huy Pham Student at a pharmaceutical school
Kyle Nash Weck Laboratories
Monique Sobero graduated from Oregon State University with a MS degree
Dianne Sanchez graduate student at University of California, Irvine