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Professor, Department of History, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA 91768; Office phone: (909)869-3872; email: zywang at


Specialties: History of science and technology, modern science in the US and China, US Cold War science policy, recent US history, Asian/Chinese Americans in science and technology.

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HST 499 Weapons of Mass Destruction
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BUS/CLS 362, 452, 482 Cal Poly Pomona China Summer 2005
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STS 179 US Science Policy (HMC Fall 2008)
STS 179 Science and Society in Modern China (HMC Spring 2009)
History of Modern American Science and Technology (GUCAS 2009)
Introduction to the History of Modern Science and Technology in the West 近现代西方科技史导读(IHNS 2010
科技革命与美国现代化 Science, Technology, and Modernization in US History (IHNS 2011)
History of Modern American Science and Technology (UCAS 2013)
当代美国史 Contemporary US History (University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences), Summer 2015
近现代西方科技史  Introduction to the History of Science and Technology in the West  (
中国科大 2014)


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In Sputnik’s Shadow: The President’s Science Advisory Committee and Cold War America. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2008; Paperback and Kindle 2009 (Kindle version recommended for its font flexibility). Order at RUP or Amazon; Introduction or excerpts at Google Books; fulltext from CPP Library (for CPP people only).  Reviews in Science (11/14/2008), Choice (1/2009), Endeavour (3/2009), Journal of American History (6/2009), Technology and Culture (10/2009), Isis (3/2010), American Historical Review (4/2010), and Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences (5/2010).

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王作跃,《在卫星的阴影下:美国总统科学顾问委员会与冷战中的美国》,北京大学出版社,2011。中国国家自然科学基金委员会、中国科学院《科学技术政策译丛》。简介、目录、英文版书评节选 (pdf)

In Sputnik’s Shadow Chinese edition: Peking University Press, 2011. 

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Zuoyue Wang, Liu Bing, and Chen Hengliu (eds.), An Advocate for Democracy and Human Rights: Essays in Honor of Xu Liangying on His 90th Birthday. Hong Kong: Mirror Books, 2012.


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方励之纪念文集编辑委员会(谢克强、王树军、王作跃、杨海涛、熊伟、周湘、陈建、方克、李淑娴等)编,《方励之纪念文集科学卷》,香港:明镜出版社, 2014年。

Editorial Committee for Memorial Collections on Fang Lizhi (Ke Chiang Hsieh, Shujun Wang, Zuoyue Wang, Haitao Yang, Wei Xiong, Xiang Zhou, Jian Chen, Ke Fang, Shuxian Li, and others) (ed.), Fang Lizhi in Science: A Memorial Collection. Hong Kong: Mirror Books, 2014.

E-versions available at Google Play (excerpts), Apple iTunes; print at Amazon; selections at CND 华夏文摘.

A book-in-progress on “Chinese American Scientists: A Transnational History”

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Memorial Essays (怀念、悼念师友文章)

Articles and Book Chapters:

The Cold War and the Reshaping of Transnational Science in China*,” in Naomi Oreskes and John Krige (eds.), Science and Technology in the Global Cold War (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2014), 343-370. Excerpts at Google Books; chapter at ebrary**. On the Bacon conference at Caltech in May 2010, on which this volume is based, see Matthew Shindell, “How the Cold War Transformed Science,” History of Science Society Newsletter, October 2010.

Entries in Hugh Slotten (ed.), The Oxford Encyclopedia of the History of American Science, Medicine, and Technology, 2 vols. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2014): James R. Killian, Jr. (v. 1, pp. 607-608); Tsung-Dao Lee (v. 1, pp. 627-628); Office of Science and Technology Policy (v. 2, pp. 200-201); President’s Science Advisory Committee (v. 2, pp. 285-286); Chien-Shiung Wu (v. 2, pp. 600-601); Chen-Ning Yang (v. 2, pp. 603-604)

Entries in Xiaojian Zhao and Edward J. W. Park (eds.), Asian Americans: An Encyclopedia of Social, Cultural, and Political Change (Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood, 2014): Chiing-shen Chern (pp. 206-207; note the correction of an error introduced in proof-reading); Steven Chu* (pp. 316-318); Tsuang-dao Lee* (pp. 773-775); Yuan T. Lee* (pp. 777-779); Yoshiro Nambu* (pp. 862-863); Samuel Chao Chung Ting* (pp. 1113-1115); Chen Shiung Wu* (pp. 1207-1209); Chen-Ning Yang* (pp. 1224-1227); Shing-Tung Yau* (pp. 1233-1234); Yitang Zhang* (pp. 1251-1252).

一位杰出的科学史家、科学哲学家,《方励之纪念文集科学卷》(香港:明镜出版社,2014),第343-348页。[“An Outstanding Historian and Philosopher of Science,” in Fang Lizhi in Science: A Memorial Collection (Hong Kong: Mirror Books, 2014), 343-348.]

科学史家许良英”,《中国科技史杂志》,第35卷,2014年第1期,49-61页,共同作者胡大年。 [The Historian of Science Xu Liangying,” The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology 35, no. 1 (2014): 49-61. Co-authored by Danian Hu. In Chinese with English abstract at end of paper.]  

1963年中国物理学家赴丹麦玻尔研究所访问研究的历史考察”,《自然科学史研究》,第32卷,2013年第4期,470-490页,共同作者尹晓冬。[“A Historical Study of Chinese Physicists’ Visits at the Niels Bohr Institute of Denmark in the 1960s,” Studies in the History of Natural Sciences 32, no. 4 (2013): 470-490. Co-authored by Xiaodong Yin. In Chinese with English abstract at end of paper.]

追忆胡新和”, 《光明日报》,2013729日,第13版。[“In Memory of Hu Xinhe” (Chinese philosopher of science), Guangming Daily, July 29, 2013, p. 13.] PDF

“Engineering a New Space: Chinese American Scientists and Engineers in Aerospace in Southern California.” In Blue Sky Metropolis: A Century of Aerospace in Southern California, ed. Peter Westwick, 197-213. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press for Huntington Library Press, 2012.

 China, Sputnik, and American Science,” APS [American Physical Society] News 20, no. 10 (November 2011): 4, 7.  PDF version.  Chinese translation: “中国、苏联卫星和美国科学从谢家麟的经历看中美科技关系的演化”,《现代物理知识》2012年,第24卷第一期第15-16页。

Lawrence Badash,” Physics Today 64, no. 4 (April 2011): 70-71.  Co-authored by Peter Neushul.

[“History Professor’s NSF Grant Focuses on Cold War Scientists,” February 14, 2011, Cal Poly Pomona Polycentric.]

 Transnational Science during the Cold War: The Case of Chinese/American Scientists.” Focus section on “New Perspectives on Science and the Cold War.”  Isis 101, no. 2 (June 2010): 367-377.

"China and the International Geophysical Year." In Globalizing Polar Science: Reconsidering the Social and Intellectual Implications of the International Polar and Geophysical Years, eds. Roger D. Launius, James R. Fleming, and David H. Devorkins, 143-155. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Co-authored by Zhang Jiuchen (张九辰).

美国近现代科技环境政策史研究:从总统科学顾问委员会到奥巴马,《科学文化评论》,20102月,第7卷第1, 107-114页。 [“Historical Studies in American Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy: From the President’s Science Advisory Committee to Obama.” Science and Culture Review 7, no. 1 (February 2010): 107-114.]

Physics in China in the Context of the Cold War, 1949-1976.” In Physics and Politics, eds. Helmuth Trischler and Mark Walker, 251-276. Berlin: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2010.

首次国际地球物理年与一个中国的原则,科学文化评论》,200912月,第6卷第6, 69-81页。与张九辰合著。 [“The First International Geophysical Year and the One-China Principle.” Science and Culture Review 6, no. 6 (December 2009): 69-81.  Co-authored by Jiuchen Zhang.]

从全球变暖看美国科技环境政策,《光明日报》,200971311 (《光明日报》记者张蕾访谈。pdf). [American Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy: The Case of Global Warming. An interview with Zhang Lei, Guangming Daily, July 13, 2009, p. 11.]

‘中国现代化进程中的科学与技术’研讨会综述” ,《中国科技史杂志》30卷,第2期(2009年):24-27。张藜合著.  [“A Report on the Conference on ‘Science and Technology in the Making of Modern China,’ The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology 30, no. 2 (2009): 24-27. Co-authored by Zhang Li.]  See also 予馨,“首届中国近现代科技史国际研讨会在南加召开:会议组织者、科学史家王作跃教授专访”,《城市杂志(洛杉矶),总496期(2009323-29日),12-14页。[Yu Xin, “The First International Conference on the History of Science and Technology in Modern China Held in Southern California: A Special Interview with Professor Zuoyue Wang, an Organizer of the Conference and a Historian of Science,” City Newsweek (Los Angeles), cumulative issue no. 496 (March 23-29, 2009): 12-14.]

“‘学好数理化。。。1978年后大陆留美科学家研究  ,载《北美华侨华人新视角--华侨华人研究上海论坛文集》,139-148页,国务院侨务办公室政研司编,北京,中国华侨出版社,2008年出版。[“‘If You Learn Your Math, Physics, and Chemistry…’: A Historical Study of Chinese Scientists in the US since 1978.” In New Perspectives on Chinese in North America, 139-148. Beijing: Overseas Chinese Press, 2008.]

What Can We Expect from the New [Obama] Administration?” Harvey Mudd College Magazine, Winter 2008, 16-17. Co-authored by Richard Olson. (pdf)

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            “Chien Shiung WU” (Chinese American woman nuclear physicist) (363-368)

            “ZHAO Zhongyao” (Chinese nuclear physicist) (397-402)

           “ZHU Kezhen” (Chinese meteorologist and science administrator) (402-405)

“Living in the Shadow of Sputnik,” San Gabriel Valley Tribune (also printed in Pasadena Star-News and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin), online version on October 3 and print version on October 4, 2007.

Television interview on Sputnik, broadcast on Time Warner Cable-CNN Headline News Local Edition in Southern California, October 4, 2007.

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学习科学史的心路历程,”《中国科技史杂志》, 2005年第26卷第2176-179[“Becoming a Historian of Science,” The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology 26, no. 2 (June 2005): 176-179.]

为什么美国没有设立科技部?”科学文化评论2005 2卷第5, 36-49页。 [“Why Has the United States Not Established a Department of Science and Technology?” Science and Culture 2, no. 5 (2005): 36-49.  Please note that this PDF file version contains corrections of minor errors present in the print version and is slightly different from it in formatting.] 

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"James Chadwick" (20th century British nuclear physicist), in Frank N. Magill (ed.), Great Lives from History: British and Commonwealth Series (Pasadena: Salem Press, 1987), 560-564. Co-authored by L. Badash. Copyright Salem Press.


Media Appearances


Sputnik Moments: Science and Technology Policy from Eisenhower to Obama” (starting 36m:00s) and “Science Policy Roundtable,” Conference on “Ike Reconsidered,” jointly sponsored by Hunter College Roosevelt House-Eisenhower Foundation, New York, March 7, 2013.

香港电台电视台《华人移民史:金山客》第五集“二次世界大战与韩战年代”(其中有我介绍钱学森在美国被扣留的历史)2012525日拍摄,2012915 日播放 (Radio Television Hong Kong, Roots Old and New: Stories of Chinese Immigrants--North America, part 5 “World War II and the Korean War,” broadcast on September 15, 2012).  On camera interview on the experiences of the Chinese American aerodynamic scientist H. S. Tsien in the US during the McCarthy era (starting at 22m:30s).

Ad Astra’s Scientific Revolution Documentary: Sputnik 1,” November 23, 2009.  On the impact of the launching of Sputnik.

“Living in the Shadow of Sputnik,” San Gabriel Valley Tribune (also printed in Pasadena Star-News and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin), online version on October 3 and print version on October 4, 2007.

Television interview on Sputnik, broadcast on Time Warner Cable-CNN Headline News Local Edition in Southern California, October 4, 2007.

Interviewed for David Olson, “How Sputnik Changed the Inland Area,” The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA), October 4, 2007.

Featured in Dwayne Day, “Blue Skies on the West Coast: A History of the Aerospace Industry in Southern California,” Space Review, August 20, 2007.


PhD, in History, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1994

MS, in History of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, 1985

BS, in Physics, Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China 1982


Visiting Professor, Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, Summer 2010, Summer 2011

Visiting Professor, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, June 2009

Harvey Mudd College, Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor in Science, Technology, and Society, 2008-2009

Cal Poly Pomona History Department, Assistant Professor, 1999-2004; Associate Professor, 2004-2008; Professor, 2008-

UC Berkeley History Department, Visiting Lecturer, 1999

UC Santa Barbara History Department, Visiting Lecturer, 1994-98

UC Santa Barbara Special Collections/California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, Manuscript Processor, 1993-1998

Chinese Academy of Sciences Graduate School, Instructor, 1985-1986


Professional Services:


Member, Coordinating Committee of the Forum for the History of Science in America, History of Science Society, 1999-2002

《中国科技史杂志》编委 (Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology editorial board member), 2005-

Isis Editorial Board Member, 2006-2008.

Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences Associate Editor, 2007-

Member of Zhu Kezhen Award Committee, International Society for the History of East Asian Science, Technology and Medicine (ISHEASTM), 2007

Member, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) Archives and History Office Program Review Committee, 2007

中国国家自然科学基金会、中国科学院《科技政策译丛》学术指导委员会委员 (member, Academic Advisory Committee on a Book Series of Translations in Science and Technology Policy Sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Chinese Academy of Sciences), 2008-

History of Science Society Margaret W. Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize Committee, 2008-2010 (chair for 2010).

Vice President of the Pacific Circle, a scientific commission of the Division of the History of Science and Technology of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science, 2009-.

《自然科学史研究》编委 ([Chinese] Studies in the History of Natural Sciences editorial board member), 2009-

《自然辩证法通讯》编委 ([Chinese] Journal of Dialectics of Nature editorial board member), 2010-

《科学文化评论》编委 (Science and Culture Review editorial board member),  2011-

Member, History of Science Society Council, 2012-2014

Price/Webster Prize Committee, History of Science Society, 2013-2015 (chair for 2015)


Professional Honors:


2003 Price/Webster Prize, History of Science Society.  Co-recipient with Peter Neushul.

Visiting Fellow, Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, summers of 2002, 2004, and 2007.

Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor in Science, Technology, and Society, Harvey Mudd College, 2008-2009

Adjunct Professorship, Henan Normal University, 2008-


Cal Poly Pomona Services


Member, Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Program Advisory Board, 2009-

Member, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences RTP Committee, 2011-2012

Member, Faculty Learning Community on “What Is a Learning-Centered University?” 2004-2007

Member, Provost’s Advisory Committee on the Status of Women in STEM Disciplines, 2007-2008

Member, WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) Educational Effectiveness Subcommittee, 2006-2008

President, Asian Pacific Faculty, Staff, and Student Association (APFSSA), 2007-2008